Friday, 29 February 2008

Despite how this looks.....

I'm honestly comfortable!!

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I mean.. look at this face!!

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I'm in bliss

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Ok Mum, enough with the camera!! I'm TRYING to sleep here!!

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Katherine and Pippa said...

hehe ben.

I don't do silly poses.

My advice is that you shouldn't either and then you might avoid that horrid camera.


Ferndoggle said...

Benny!! I lay like that all the time and can confirm. It is quite comfortable!!


FleasGang said...

Simon prefers the "head hanging off the edge" position while Shelly and Scarlett like laying on their backs, legs all over the place.

Thanks for signing the petition.

The Fleas

Mack said...

Hi Ben!!
Just sniffing on over from Maggie & Mitch's place. We luuuuuv Rottie's at our house and you sure are a handsome one!!

Mom had a Rott before I was born named Bella and said she was the sweetest dog ever.
Hey wait a minute.....

cookie said...

Hee hee Ben you are a funny boy.
I bet your mom couldn't resist taking pictures of you. You are darn cute! Don't worry, I sleep like that too, and it is very comfortable.

Cookie and crew

Maggie & Mitch said...

That's my very favorite position to sleep in the whole wide world, Ben! Isn't it so comfy!

Love ya lots,

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Ben!

Woah, sexay!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Abby said...

Oh, no! I missed...I think 3 of your last posts! Well, I will read them after leaving this comment, promise.
I have to say, you do look totally comfortable in those pictures. What is it with humans and taking pictures of us while we're TRYING to sleep? My human photographer/sis turned the light on RIGHT NEXT TO my bed at six in the morning because I apparently looked so cute while all curled up. If I could have said something, I would have told her that the reason my tail was covering my face was to keep the light out, and that she shouldn't move it...actually, my tail keeps my face warm...same thing.
Anyway, I'm dragging this comment on and on, and I all I wanted to say was, atleast she took the pictures, so she won't have to take anymore!

happy said...

Hi Ben, just sniffing over from Mack's to say hello! That's one of my favourite position to sleep too!

The Zoo Crew said...

You look SO comfy :)

Glad we found your blog....we look forward to following along!!

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew