Monday, 11 February 2008

My Heroic Return

Ok, so maybe i dramatised the title a teeny bit. But trust me, a trip to the vets to have your boy-parts manhandled by a strange woman is no picnic!!

Everything Mum and Dad do turns into a mini-drama and this expedition was no exception! We arrived at the dreaded Mutt Torture Chamber... (sorry dramatising again)... The Vets only to be told that our appointment was at the other branch - 2 miles away - despite Mum making the follow up appointment at our local branch, for our local branch. From Mums expletives in the car (which no nice doggy would repeat) I gathered that the receptionists making mistakes is not uncommon - but thats another story! We then had to make a mad dash to the other branch in rush hour traffic, cue more expletives from Mum and Dad!

So we arrived at our destination 7 minutes after our appointment time, and it seems that Vets like to punish Humans too because they decided that was reason enough to make us wait till everyone else had been seen. Now I personally was fine about that, since it wasn't a meeting I was exactly looking forward to!
There was, luckily, only two other dogs waiting to be seen. Oscar .. another Rottie who was there to have his stitches removed from his recent castration (Oscar I feel your pain!!) and Harvey who had an unfortunate encounter with a stick whilst out walking today and was decorating the waiting room floor with his blood!
Oscar didn't think much of me (no accounting for taste) and thought even less of Harvey so his Dad took him outside to wait his turn. Harvey seemed quite taken by me and was trying to wriggle out of his Dad's grasp to come over and play. I wasn't objecting, he was a lovely looking black lab who seemed really friendly (If you ignored the blood dropping off his chin)
Harvey was the first to be seen. He came out looking a bit sorry for himself, the vet decided he needed a few staples in his chin so he was off to the doggy hospital so they could give him something to make him sleep while they sorted him out. Oscar was next, he came out looking even more unfriendly than when he went in but, considering why he went in there, I can't say I blame him.

Then the dreaded moment was upon me, and it was my turn to go in. My legs began to shake and I gave the *doe eyed plea* with Mum one last shot. All to no avail, Dad firmly led me into the evil woman's lair.

So lets not discuss the unpleasantries... its a little personal what went on in there you understand, but the verdict is that I don't have to have any more pink sweets, apparently i'm healing really nicely, they are impressed with the improvements to my coat, weight and teeth and this vet even let me give her a little kiss or two (gotta butter up the enemy and keep them on my side!)

I had the last laugh too, the vet recommends Mum and Dad wait another week to 10 days before they give me a bath, so they are gonna have to put up with my ever so delightful kennel smell for a bit longer yet!! hahahahahahaha!!!

Oh and welcome to the new home for my blog... seems I babble on a bit too much for my old blog... and ran out of room!!!

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