Monday, 11 February 2008

Sunshine at last!!!

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Well its been a beautiful sunny day today.
Mum dropped my two little beans off at school then we went for a nice long walk and played tag on the field. I have spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden alternating between lazing around and sitting quietly behind the gate till an unsuspecting neighbour pottered by then letting out my gruffest bark (yes i have found my voice!) and having a good laugh when they jumped in fright.
Eventually Mum cottoned onto my game and put a stop to it.. spoilsport.
Worse than putting an end to my game... she re-emerged with the camera!! She then spent a good hour trying to get me to *pose*... well she didn't like my game so I wasn't playing hers!! nice photos of the back of my head Mum!! hahahaha!

Well the little beans are home now and it seems a game of football is about to start... i'd better run, they can't proceed without the star player :)

Ben xxxxx

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