Monday, 11 February 2008

Cream Crackered!

Mum and me went on a ramble this morning, we thought we would try a change of scenery, so we headed off in a different direction than usual.

On our walk we met an old guy walking a blonde girly (Mum said it was a Lab... no idea if thats true but she was very pretty) She was a little on the large side so i was a bit nervous at first, but she gave me a good sniffing over and a friendly lick and then i knew all was good. Mum and Blondies Dad chatted for a few minutes while we got aquainted, she was a little bit giddy and kept trying to leap on my back but her Dad got her to calm down a bit. Blondies Dad told Mum that he got Blondie as a retirement present from his wife and that she is 3 but thinks she is still a puppy.
Mum teased me all the way home and said that I have got a girlfriend! hrrrmph!!

Once Blondie and her Dad had moved on, me and mum ambled about, me sniffing anything and everything and Mum enjoying the sunshine. I got a little nervy when i saw a GSD approaching, Mum had to get quite firm with me as i was letting myself get all agitated, but eventually Mum calmed me down and they passed without incident, I didn't fancy making friends and luckily Mum sensed that so she steered me clear.

Mum has arranged for me to go on some walks with her friend and Jake (Labby X) apparently he is a lot bigger than me but they assure me that he is really friendly and will play nice with me, I will let you all know how that goes.

Anyway, I feel the need for an afternoon nap coming on.. i do so love my bed, and after my ramble i'm feeling slightly cream crackered, so nap time it is.

Ben xxxx

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