Monday, 11 February 2008

Got the hang of this *playing* thing!!

Dad said I would learn to play, and I have... Try stopping me now!!

Mum bought me a pack of tennis balls with paw prints all over them, we have a blast playing with those.
Mum throws one and i have to run and get it and bring it back, then Mum throws it again... and again... and again... she gets tired of that game way before i do hehehe
I have a lovely big squeaky pig that drives everyone mental after ten minutes.. that one is good if I feel like going for a walk.. ten minutes of me making the piggy squeal and they can't get hold of the lead fast enough!
I have a rubber pull toy too, Dad plays tug of war with me.. guess who wins? yup.. you got it .. Me everytime!!
Mollie plays that game with me too, but I always let her win.. well she is only 9!!
But my absolute favourite game of all is the towel game!!
T-Towels are just so much fun.. Mum walks around the kitchen with the T-Towel draped over her shoulder when she is cooking etc.. its just way too tempting.. its like a calling to me. I see that towel and woooohoooo its playtime!! Tug-Of-War here we come!!!
Mum cheats at tug of war though, when she realises the inevitable (that she cannot win) she flicks her half of the towel over my head and covers my eyes and then smothers me with kisses, and yep i turn into a ball of goo and let go! I get suckered everytime! She is going to make me as sloppy as her one of these days!!

I may not have had a clue about playing when i first arrived, but Dad wasn't kidding when he said I would love it...

Ben xxx

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