Friday, 15 February 2008

That Friday Feeling!!!

Friday at last!! According to Mum, Friday means that Dad doesn't have to go to work for the next two days so we get to keep him all to ourselves!

On the downside though, it's the last day of the kids school holiday, so they will be going back to school on Monday. So it will be back to being just me and Mum through the day.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. Mum cooked me up a special liver dish with veggies, it was yummylicious and was gone in about a nano-second! Mum asked me if it even touched the sides!

Today has been fairly relaxed. Dad took me for my usual morning stroll before work and we met up with Jake (adorable black lab) for the first time. All went well and we got on fine, so a new friendship is blossoming and we can now plan some outings together.
Mum and the little beans took me to the field for a potter about then it was time for them to head off to an art workshop. Not sure what an art workshop is really, but they came home with some pretty scary tiger masks and bouncy snakes!

Me and Mum worked on my commands a little more, it's like a game so i quite enjoy it. I get lots of praise too so I always try to do my best, Mum seemed pleased so I must have done well. Dad came home from work and we had our playtime, then i chased my Kong around for a while trying to get the cheese out.. finally managed it but it was hard work for a bit of cheese!!

Time for my evening stroll now and then I think a night being a couch potato with Dad is in order.

oh and Happy Birthday Grandma Sheila.. I won't say how old you are here, thats no way to stay in the good books!

Ben xxx

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