Monday, 25 February 2008

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

I have sufficiently recovered from yesterdays trek so I suppose it's time to fess up.

Don't I look angelic in those photo's yesterday? Like a perfectly behaved little boy.. you can almost see a halo I look so angelic..

But.. and it's a rather large and bold BUT.. if the truth be told, my halo slipped for a little while and I was slightly mischevious... ok ok Mum stop prodding me... ok since we are telling the truth.. I was Naughty.. Yes! that's naughty with a capital N!!

So about a third of the way along our walk we climbed a few steep hills and it all opens out into a lovely wooded area with some large clear spaces inbetween, absolutely ideal for a nice big off the lead run.
All was going well, Mum, Dad and the little beans were throwing things for me to fetch and I was having a ball playing one of my favourite games.. sniff and retrieve, when all of a sudden there was an odd noise. Kind of a flapping, squawking, splashing sound.
I stopped dead in my tracks and pricked up my ears. Mum spotted my stance immediatley (she really is a spoilsport!!) and shouted a warning to Dad who was closer to me. The thing is that Dad doesn't react as quick as Mum.. and knowing this I realised that I had a crucial 2 second loophole to exploit, and not being one to pass up on that I exploited that 2 seconds and made a dash down the hill to investigate... now one little thing I haven't mentioned is that the aforementioned noise was coming from the river. Mum immediatley started yelling at me to get back pronto.. I immediatley turned selectively deaf and poor Dad was immediatley ordered to get after me, this entailed chasing me at speed down three steep hills whilst trying to stay upright (No easy task!)
Now fast as I am the source of the noise (which I now have been told was Geese) were long gone by the time I had made my descent, so somewhat annoyed that I had missed them I stood at the waters edge loudly protesting... when Dad caught up with me he pointed up the hill towards Mum.. who was looking slightly red in the face and a little.. well... annoyed. Me and Dad both knew this meant one thing.. and indeed it did.. as soon as Dad sent me back to Mum the lead was going back on and the fun was over.
I slinked back up to Mum with my best *sorry* face on and my tail firmly between my legs. It didn't work though, she had that lead back on me faster than the speed of sound. Dad explained that Mum isn't a meanie (I beg to differ!!) but she was just worried. Hmmm I may have to think twice next time before I shoot off without permission!

So today has been slightly more relaxed. When Mum got back from taking my little beans to school we headed off for our usual walk to the fields. It was fairly quiet and so we had some nice bonding time.

I had a nice snooze while Mum went to get the girls, Mum had shopping to do so I couldn't do the school run today, but I didn't mind as I was fairly tired.
When the kids got home they played tug of war with me for a while then I retired to my usual spot behind the door to wait for Dad getting home from work, even Mum's cooking didn't tempt me away.

Dad is home now, everyone has had dinner, the kids have gone to bed which means it's almost time for my nightly walk with Dad, so time for me to be off here and getting my harness on..

Love Ben xxx


Dory and Liza said...

Ben -

What cuties you and your little humans are. We saw your post on DWB and wanted to stop by to say WOOF!!


Abby said...

Some days are for telling the truth.
I'm naughty with a capital N sometimes, too....Like last night I was outside eating that wonderful squirrel I caught the other day-the snow just melted off it-and my mom AND my sister called me in, and I just ignored them and kept eating. WELL, when I did come in, I was yelled at and sent to my bed, and then they gave me the silent know, where they don't even look at me, and I have to slink in my cage for a few minutes.
I suppose all doggies are bad sometimes....:-(
Atleast I know I'm not alone! :-)

Pippa said...

Hello Ben the Rotti
I am Pippa from Spain. Once we had a rotti on my terrace for a while because the nice man working on my house didn't have anywhere to leave him. He was a lovely dog, mistress adored him and fed him too because he was hungry. She fed the man as well but she was more interested in Bass.

I think you have similar problems with your mum that I have with mistress. You have my sympathy.

Pippa - oh and welcome to DWB and the Bone Zone

Ferndoggle said...

Hi Ben!! It's good to meet ya! I don't think you were naughty at were protecting your people from scary things coming out of the lake. They should have THANKED you.

Stop by & say hello. I'm the black handsome one. Feel free to ignore my stupid sisters.