Saturday, 23 February 2008

Weekends... Bliss and Baths!!

Well, my weekend got off to a great start. Instead of being on *waking up by wet nose nudging* duty, I was on *wake up and snuggle up* duty instead!

ahhh bliss!!

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the day hasn't ended on such a high note though! Mum and Dad decided it was bath time!! and this was the end result....

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somehow I don't think the *badly done to, bedraggled look* suits me!!

Mum and Dad looked even more wet and bedraggled.. but they wouldn't let me post THOSE photo's!!


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Abby said...

Hello, Ben! I just saw your message on my Cbox! Can't wait to hear more on you! I'll post on my blog soon, promise ;-).
You're a pretty cute pup, too. A rescue? So am I!