Wednesday, 13 February 2008

In the doghouse!!

I'm in the proverbial doghouse right now!

After our walk, Mum and the little beans nipped out for some shopping. When they got back Mum asked Mollie to pop a couple of the bags in the kitchen while she helped Lilli off with her coat etc.
Well.. to cut a long story short, Mum walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and caught me with my head in one of the shopping bags, happily munching on a shortcake cookie!
To say she wasn't best pleased is an understatement! I got a good ticking off and poor Mollie got a lecture about not putting food shopping on the floor when there is a four legged food thief about!
Mum gave us both a hug after about 30 seconds and explained why Shortcake Cookies are not the most balanced diet for a Dog, so i guess thats the end of it.

Honestly... She is USELESS at discipline! We only have to bat our eyelashes and she crumbles!

Still.. I think that is the last Shortbread Cookie I will be getting in the foreseeable future!!

There is an air of sadness about the house today. Mum seems really sad and the kids and me are picking up on it. I sat with Mum and pestered her with my paw and very wet nose, come on Mum.. I urged.. whats wrong?

Mum told me that my Grandad Harry would have been 60 tomorrow but that he passed away last year and that her, Dad and the girls miss him very much. I nuzzled my head into her knee and gave her some more wet nose treatment, then i decided maybe playing would help so i got my ball and nudged her a bit more. Mum laughed and had a game of catch with me then told me I am good for their hearts.. don't know what that means, but Mum seems happier, so I am too.

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