Monday, 11 February 2008

Painful Past

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My original owner was homeless, I have no doubt that he loved me but life was no picnic. Then we moved to his girlfriends house, for a while it seemed life was getting rosier, but in fact life was about to get very much worse.On New Years Eve 2007 they got into a terrible argument, in the midst of their fight she unmuzzled her dog and set it upon me. I sustained terrible injuries to my head, neck and back.My owner found himself sitting outside the PDSA, once again homeless, no money, no proof of benefits and seemingly no way to help me.An angel from the charity Pawz For Thought arrived. She got me the veterinary treatment I so desperatley needed, found me somewhere warm and safe to recover in and vowed to find me a real home. Now clearly this lady has a name, but to me she was just an angel and i was soon to discover that she wasn't alone, another angel from Pawz put some pictures of me, along with my story on their internet site in the hope that someone would offer me a permanent and loving home, another angel volunteered to walk me daily and assess me so the *right* home could be found. There are far too many angels to mention, but the important thing that you all need to know is that all of these angels do what they do out of a genuine love and concern for animals. They do not get paid a penny. Every phone call they make, every drop of petrol they use is paid for out of their own pockets. I found out that many of them do this in addition to working full time, caring for their own pets plus many "foster" animals and of course their own families. Now maybe you understand why I refer to them as "Angels".
So as you can see, my life had not been an easy one, my story is a sad one, but it has a happy ending. On Saturday 26th January I travelled to my forever home. I have a brand new family who have opened their hearts and their home to me. I have love, affection, security and all the luxury a dog could wish for. It's early days and my journey is only just beginning but through this blog my story can continue and I can share my adventures... from rescue to love.
Ben x

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jillykittykat said...

Well Hello Ben, I am so very pleased that you now have a well deserved loving home filled with people who love you very much. I heard of your terrible plight as I am a volenteer for Pawz for Thought and I must say it made me very sad to hear what happened to you.

But now it makes me happy to see you are so content, you are a very handsome boy indeed, and I can see why your new family love you so much. I have enjoyed reading your stories so do keep them up as I intend to pop in and say hello from time to time.

Doggie hugs to you. xxxxx

Gucci said...

Aw Ben,

I was doing competition one and couldn't resist commenting on this post.

I'm glad that an angel found you and that your furever home hoomans fell in love with you. My Mommy found me on the internet too! My story isn't nearly as sad as your's but it's posted in my about me section if you wanna read it.


I totally just finished the first competition! YAAY!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a sad beginning to your story, Ben. But what a gracious group, Pawz for Thought. We're so glad you were rescued and given a chance at a happy, healthy life.