Monday, 11 February 2008

Time to get serious!

Ok.. time out for a serious blog.. on a subject very close to my heart. Please take a moment to read this, normal service and my usual sarcasm will resume tomorrow.

Far too many dogs are out there waiting for a loving home, be they on your doorstep, 100 miles away, the other side of the country, or even in another country altogether. Far too many sad stories waiting for a happy ending.

So I ask you all to take a moment, firstly to read a poem, and secondly to take a look at a site (just one of the hundreds out there) and if you, a friend of yours, your neighbour or your second cousins neighbours budgies hairdresser is considering adding a new addition to the family then please consider a dog in rescue, a dog who deserves that happy ending,read some of the stories, look at some of the photographs and ask yourself.. do any of them deserve to be without a home, without a family?

Sacred Oath

As I lay in the corner of this cold draughty shed,
Footsteps approaching fill me with dread,
Alone and afraid I shiver with fear,
Wishing I were dead as the footsteps draw near.
Will he toss me some food? Or an old bone I can lick?
Or will he just beat me again with his stick?

What did I do that was so terribly bad?
Did I disappoint him - did I make him sad?
I remember the day that he brought me home,
I thought I’d be loved and my nights would be warm.
I swore an oath as ancient as time,
To love and protect him, and make his heart mine.

If I broke that oath, and ran far away,
Would I be forgiven – would I have to pay?
My hunger is burning, yet my stomach is full,
My poor heart is breaking – my eyes have grown dull.
Trapped in this shed – this dark lonely room,
New little lives now grow in my womb.

The footsteps grow louder - then suddenly stop,
I hear the key rattle - I hear the bolt drop.
I shiver and shake and then wet my bed,
Why is this happening? I wish I were dead.
A bright shaft of light pierces the dark,
As the door slowly opens, I whimper and bark.

I cower in fear and wait to be hit,
But this human is different - he hasn’t a stick.
He speaks to me softly, and says, “Oh my God”
“You poor little sweetheart, you poor little dog”
He carries me out in his warm loving arms,
And says, “Hello girl, you are safe now from harm”

Months have now passed, and my babies are born,
We are all safe and happy in a new loving home.
I will never forget how I felt on that day,
When a rescuer came and took me away.
This new human I have, is so loving and kind,
So I gave him my heart, I hope God doesn’t mind.
I will love and protect him for the rest of my life,
The sacred oath - I transferred - to him and his wife.

Steve Bateman (2007)

Did that tug the heartstrings? I can tell you now that it brought a tear or two to Mums eye.

Well theres the poem, now for the reality..

Pawz For Thought

There are hundreds of sites like this, hundreds of dogs and cats and other animals that for whatever reason, but certainly through no fault of their own, have ended up with no home to call their own, no family to cherish and in some cases no hope.

Could you give just one a happy ending?

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