Wednesday, 27 February 2008

And The Earth Moved....

Ok.. I'm risking life and limb to tell you this story (sorry Mum I tried to keep my mouth buttoned but it didn't work)

Last night we had visitors. My skin friends Dave and Anthony have just got back from a little holiday to Greece and stopped by to say Hi.
Well, all the skin folk got a little overly chatty and it was after midnight before they left.
Dad more or less went straight to bed, but Mum decided to read a little first to wind down.
A little bit before 1am Me and Mum heard a loud rumbling.. I pricked my ears up then lost interest and Mum half looked up from her book, assumed it was some big wagon or something passing in the distance and went back to her reading.

The couch shook violently and Mum jumped up in the air in a state of panic, frantically looking behind her as if she was going to see someone there shaking it!!

(I'm pausing now to get over my fit of hysterics)

I should add at this point that the couch is against a wall so it would be physically impossible for anyone to be behind it!! I could see Mum getting more anxious and confused by the second.. I thought about going over and reassuring her but I was really comfy in my bed and really just couldn't be bothered.
Then Mum starts mewing like a kitten for Dad and babbling about poltergeists and all kinds of mumbo jumbo. Then (and this was utterly hilarious) she kind of went into a state of suspended animation and just sat there stock still looking completely terrified.
After a good ten minutes of impersonating a stone statue Mum then tried coaxing me onto the couch for protection.. I decided deafness was the best policy at this point.. after all I was perfectly comfortable where I was and what exactly did she need protection from? A shaking couch?

It wasn't until Grandad phoned this morning and told Mum that there had been an Earthquake (5.2 on the richter scale) and asked if it had woken her up, that Mum realised that she wasn't A) Going insane or B) Being haunted by some evil spirit

How silly do you feel now Mum? I will keep my mouth buttoned on the more bizarre scenarios that ran through your mind through the night, I'm sure anyone with a half decent imagination can hazard a guess at them.

So sorry Mum.. but next time apply a little logic before engaging full blown panic mode (snort, chuckle)

and NO MUM.. the fact that we don't get many Earthquakes here is NOT an excuse for behaving as if you are the real life star of the excorcist!!!

I must go now.. I feel the need to go laugh at Mum some more.

Ben xxx


Maggie & Mitch said...

Oh my gosh - how scary! Thank goodness everyone is okay, Ben! Too bad your mom didn't go to bed earlier! Maybe she wouldn't have even known about the quake!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

Ferndoggle said...

Humans! Aren't they silly?? Mom is convinced we have a ghost in our house because it's like 487 years old and she hears weird stuff all the time. I'm always trying to tell her it's just Lola & her flatulence problem.

I'm glad your family is safe though.


Pippa said...

Hehehehe I would have been the same.

Mistress read about it but didn't have much sympathy as she has been through a tremor here (before I rescued her).

PetArtist said...

Oh Ben, humans are so funny arn't they? At least you wern't scared, and I am glad that nobody got hurt.

Woofs and buttsniffs

Turbo Taj