Monday, 11 February 2008

Leave the room??? I think not!!!

We had visitors today. Two guys called from e-on to try and talk Mum & Dad into switching energy suppliers. Now its not that they didn't seem to be nice guys... they were polite enough.. but I had to give them the sniff test then i plonked myself at Mum's feet.. just to be on the safe side.
I guess I was kinda restricting her view of their little laptop because Dad asked me to leave the room. Now i didn't mean to be impolite.. but no way on this planet was i budging one inch. What if they had decided to attack my Mum??? Noooooo way was that happening.. i decided I was staying firmly planted between her and the enemy.. oops i mean the nice men from e-on. Dad got quite insistent and then it happened, a little growl slipped out... oops.
I quickly flopped my head on Mums knee and did my best doe eyes at her, followed up by a swift lick to Dads hand. Dad quickly realised that I was only protesting because i felt i needed to protect Mum and so I think i got away with it... phew!!!
I'm still following Mum & Dad everywhere like a lost lamb at the moment. I'm just still a little insecure and afraid that they are going to leave me or take me back to the kennels. I was well looked after at the kennels, its not like it was a horrible place to be, but i so desperatley want to be a part of my new family forever. Mum and Dad spend lots of time reassuring me that I am here to stay and that this is my forever home, I guess with time I will realise that and my insecurities will slip away.. but psssst between me and you... i quite like the attention i get when i play the part of the little lost sheep.. so i may keep this act up for a while yet!!
Don't tell the oldies I said that though ;)

Ben xxxx

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