Monday, 11 February 2008

that nasty woman!

Mum and Dad unplugged the computer for a few days (how inconsiderate!!). They "claim" it was because they were doing some work.. hmmm... more likely it was to try and silence me! You see last Tuesday they took me to the...VETS!!!! Well, they refer to her as "the vet" i will just refer to her as "that nasty woman!"

ok, ok so she wasn't all spite and nastiness.. she did say how handsome i was (goes without saying really though doesn't it??) but she got a little personal with where she was prodding!
Now i'm no prude, but there are parts that no lady should prod, especially since the said parts are pretty sore considering recent surgery to ensure I don't inadvertedly make a "mini-me"!!

I made my distate pretty clear with lots of grumbling and dirty looks... which she completely ignored!
I was weighed, had my teeth inspected and poked and prodded a bit more and then she waffled on at Mum and Dad about some pretty pink sweets i had to have twice a day and told them to bring me back in ten days... well i have news for them.. this time i KNOW where i am going and they better not think i'm gonna make it easy for them next time!!

watch this space...

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