Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Over two weeks in...

I've been here with my new family for over two weeks now, and it really feels like home. I'm settled, I feel safe and secure, and I'm happy.

There are lots of things I love about being a part of this family, and I'll share a few with you.

Morning Kisses

Mum is always the first up (does she ever sleep??). Now to say that Mum has a coffee addiction (Well Latte to be precise) is an understatement, and before my arrival she would head straight for the Dolce Gusto machine in the mornings, well now I'm here her priorities have changed. Mum heads straight for my bed and we have our five minutes *quiet time* before the daily madness begins. Mum tickles my ears and plants lots of kisses on me, and whispers her plans for the day to me, then we head to the kitchen and I run out to the garden while Mum makes the coffee, I'm happy to potter around, because i know that any minute Dad will be up and round two of the affection train begins.
My morning greetings with Dad are less sedate. Dad appears in the kitchen and I bound in from the garden and greet him like he has been gone for a week, its a silent understanding between me and Dad that this is the form of greeting no matter where he has been and no matter how long he was gone. I leap on him and he heaps a whole lot of love and kisses on me. I plant myself firmly at his feet while he has his morning cuppa, I'm used to the routine now and once that cup is empty I know Dad will be putting on his boots and we will be heading off on our morning walk.
When me and Dad get back from our walk it's time for me and Mum to see him off to work, and then i get excited again, because now I know what is coming next.
It's time to wake the sleeping beautys of the house! Up the stairs we creep and into their room.. they look so cute when they are sleeping!
First I sneak over to Mollie and Mum whips back the covers, before she can grumpily protest to be woken from her slumber I plant my wet nose on her and suddenly all grumpiness is gone. Two little arms snake around my neck and a sleepy kiss is planted on my nose, Mum says i've cured Mollie of her *getting out of the bed the wrong side* syndrome!
By this time Mum has woken Lilli and she is demanding my attention. Lilli always wakes up with a smile (for now) so no wet nose intervention is required here at present! Once Mum is sure the kids are truly awake we head off back downstairs to make breakfast.
Whats not to love about mornings??!


Mum and Dad know lots of great places to walk and it's quite exciting seeing all the new places and discovering all the new smells. Mum takes me for a lunchtime walk (kids too if they are not at school) and we usually take the ball or my tugrope along. We try and go a different route everday as Mum wants to get me used to lots of different places. If we go somewhere new I still get a little giddy and Mum has to get a little firm with me, but i'm not being naughty, I just get excited at all the new things around me. Mum says I'm getting better everyday though. When Dad is home too then we are almost certain to do the River Walk, Its a long walk though and so when we get home I'm always relieved to see my bed!! Evening walks are either a family affair or just me and Dad. I like them either way, I just like showing off my new family!

My Bed

I so love my new bed!! I REALLY love my new bed. Now Mum will kill me for telling you this, but she has tried to coax me onto the sofa on more than one occasion .. and it's not that I don't like cuddles, I LOVE cuddles, but i just adore my bed. Its my little haven. I can lie on my back with my paws in the air, lie in a little ball so I look like I have no legs, hang my head over the side, hang a leg or legs over the side, lay on the pillow or bury my head under the pillow, I can drool on the blankets.. who's gonna complain? because the point is, its mine! no-one asking me to move up, no-one taking the best side, no-one stealing the blankets, no-one doing a drool check... its mine oh mine.

My Toys

I love my Toys, my squealing piggy, my never ending and constantly growing collection of tennis balls, my football, my tugropes, my frisbee and my Kong.. oh and Mums T-Towels.. musn't forget the T-Towels.. I just let Mum *think* they are hers!

Dad getting home from work

I know the sound of the Landrover now, I know it's coming before anyone else in the house hears it. My nose is glued to the door till Dad gets through it. I have learnt to be polite and let Dad say hello to Mollie, Lilli and Mum first (though initially no-one else got a look in) then I leap all over him to let him know just how much I have missed him .. which is a LOT! It's one of my favourite times of the day because everyone is home safe and I can relax.

So that is just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots of things I love about my new home and my new family, and more new things to love everyday. What a difference two weeks can make.. huh?

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