Monday, 11 February 2008

Dribble Kibble!!

Ok its confession time, I have a little problem..

Before i go any further I should explain that the only reason I am confessing to this is to get my side of the story over first! By first, I mean BEFORE Mollie (my human sister) finds this blog and takes it upon herself to tell HER version of this story!

Ok, so my little problem is dribble! What can I say, i'm not an habitual dribbler, but occasionaly it happens.. you know?

So i will be there, in the kitchen, enjoying my dinner and i hear, see or smell something interesting going on in the next room. So I plod through to have a look... now here is where my problem kicks in.. I forget to finish eating first.. so i arrive in the next room.. mouth full of yummy food, open my mouth to join in the conversation and OOPS!! out pops my food.. thoroughly dribble drenched. Now i'm not a wasteful soul, so as soon as i realise my error, i quickly pick up my dribble drenched munchies and finish eating. Not the most disgusting of habits.. but i guess its a little habit that is not so socially polite.. now the thing is that everyone in the house is polite enough to act like they didn't notice my little faux-pa.. everyone that is except little Mollie Moo who teases me relentlessly and has now nicknamed me Dribble Kibble!! She took it even further and even threatened to re-label all my food Dribble Kibble!!

She may laugh now... but in years to come she will no doubt be bringing home some lanky boy and announcing her love for him.. and that moment is when i shall exact my revenge.. after all, lanky boys do kinda resemble lamposts and it isn't just elephants who have long memories you know ;)

Ben xxx

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Georgeous said...

Ah Ben, you have nothing to worry about, my skin folks told me that their first Rottie, Reg, used to forget to swallow the last mouthful of water. Apparantly, it left a wet trail behind him all the way back into the lounge. You sound well mannered to me, at least you clean up after yourself.
Love George