Monday, 11 February 2008

Ducks!!! What the....??????

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Here I am enjoying a walk along the riverside. Its my first full day with my new family.

So.. there we are, strolling along when all of a sudden this black creature with a big yellow flapping mouth lands on the path in front of us!!
I gave Mum the.. "ooookay... and what in the name of pedigree chum is THAT!!!" look and skidded to a rather sharpish halt!
Mum, for some reason, found this very funny! Before she had recovered from her hysteria enough to explain what the wierd creature was, it had pottered off into the water, not in the least bit interested in me apparently (How rude!!)

Mum eventually recovered and explained to me that it was a Duck! Hmmm ... noisy little beggars ... still not quite sure what I think of it! I think Mum thought I was a big scaredy cat.. hmmmph!! and so would she be too if she had never seen one before! They are funny little creatures!

I got my own back on Mum though, went up a muddy bank a tad too fast for her and .. lets just say she came home with rather muddy jeans.. hahahaha!!

Mum, Dad and the kids have bought me lots of toys! I'm a little embarassed to confess this .. but.. i don't know how to play! I've never had a ball or a toy before, so I just don't understand what they want me to do with them.

Dad says he is going to teach me, and that once I learn i will love to play. Thats a story for another day though. Now its bedtime and there are bedtime kisses and cuddles to be had.. so i'm off!!

Catch you all later.

Ben xxx

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