Sunday, 21 September 2008

I can officially SPILL THE BEANS

Ok.. it's 1.15am.. which means it is officially Sunday.. and today is the day that I am allowed to spill the beans about what I am up to!

All covert behaviour ceases here!

First I would like to tell you a story... are you sitting comfortably?

Then I will begin...

In Southern Afghanistan, where desert meets mountains, lies the small war torn town of Now Zad. Here during late 2006 a group of Royal Marines attempted to look after several stray dogs that had been abandoned by their owners. The choice of leaving them to fend for themselves was not an option, the dogs were scared, lonely and in a poor state of health. The dogs became the Marines' companions for the 3 months they spent in the small town facing the daily threat of attack.

The dogs became known as "Nowzad", "Jena", "RPG", "AK", "Tali", "Dushka" and "Patches". An Afghan dog's life is not one of comfort at the best of times; most of the day is spent hunting for scraps of food or hiding from the hot desert sun during the summer and the freezing cold of an Afghan winter night.

There is no pampered pet status in Afghanistan. When their tour of duty in Afghanistan was over, the Marines couldn't leave the dogs behind.

With the fantastic support from fellow animal lovers the world over, they managed to rescue "Jena", "Nowzad", "Tali" and "Helmand" to safety in the US and UK and the Nowzad Dogs charity was formed, Registered Charity Number 1119185.

The Nowzad Dogs have a special meaning for us all - they represent the dogs and animals of the world that have no voice and no hope.

This is the story of how the Nowzad Dogs Charity began. Heartwarming I'm sure you will agree. So I hear you ask.. what does that have to do with covert shopping trips and me having my mouth taped shut for a week?


Although Nowzad, Jena, Tali and Helmand are all now safe in their new furever homes in the UK and US the work of Nowzad Dogs is only just beginning. They didn't walk away from their beloved camp dogs and they are not about to walk away from the dire situations of the hundreds of other dogs suffering.
They know that they cannot simply bring all of the strays of Afghanistan back to the UK or the US


they can help support those soldiers who find themselves trying to look after the Afghan strays that seem to have no hope and by further funding the vital work of the Afghan rescue by helping them with their educational programme for children, free neutering programme for stray dogs and cats bought into the rescue and to help with the further welfare and local re-homing of rescued animals. They also support the Mayhew Animal Homes' training programme for vets from developing countries who are working to help the animals in their local communities.

So what does all of this have to do with explosions of doggy/kitty related articles in my house I hear you all cry again..

Ok... Ok... I'm getting there!!

From Sunday 28th September through to Sunday October 5th I shall be hosting the

Supporting Troops Supporting Dogs Nowzad Fundraiser

It will be a week of fun, competitions, challenges and most importantly (I guess) LOTS AND LOTS of prizes! All are welcome to come join in the fun, win prizes and have some fun.

All are welcome to join in .. everypup, kitty, hamster, bird.. no species is prejudiced.. not even your two legged owners, bring them along too! E-mail your friends, phone your Grandma, refuse to pay your Vet till he joins in, grab everyone you can think of and lets have some fun, this isn't limited to regular blog visitors, and there is no requirement to keep visiting once its over..

THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME (did I actually just say that!!)

This is about making a difference!

now here comes the catch... you knew there was one right?

Throughout the week of frolics I will be asking.. in fact shamelessly begging for folks to pledge a donation to the Nowzad Charity. You will not be required to send your donation in until the frolics are over and done with (though you can if you wish) All donations will be required to be paid direct to the Nowzad Paypal account (on their site).. not to me.. I have no use for money.. I just spend Mum's!

I know we are in a biscuit crunch right now (umm Mum says Credit Crunch but biscuit sounds much yummier) but any amount you can afford will be so very much appreciated and every penny/cent they receive goes straight to helping the dogs/cats.. the two leggeds who run this charity do not get paid.. they are just kindhearts. Even a £1/$1 can help, but if you really can't afford to donate then please consider adding a button for Nowzad Dogs on your blog.
Anyone making a pledge, or adding a Nowzad button to their blog will be eligible to enter to win prizes throughout the week.
Once the week is over and the pledged donations are made then all who donated to the charity will be entered into a grand prize draw with a chance to win something really cool.


a medal to all of you that are!

Anyway... feel free to ask any questions, and here is a little taster..

this week I would like you to suggest a few challenges for me to complete during the fundraising week..

I'm game for almost anything..

Ben xxxxx

Nowzad Dogs is a registered Charity # 1119185

Please click the image below to visit the Nowzad Dogs Site. If you would like this button for your blog e-mail me (e-mail address is up there on my sidebar) and I will send you the code.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to

Dannan and George for awarding me the Gold Paw Award

and to Thor for awarding me the Kiss Ass Blogger Award

I love you guys!

I will be passing on these awards to some of you very soon..


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

I'll snag Mom's plastikh when she's not looking and throw some biskhuit monies akhross The Pond -

It khould be easy - she's whooped after our big day on Saturday -

Akhtually, so am I!

Woo do grrrrreat work!!

PeeEssWoo: Turbo's human is Jena!

The Army of Four said...

How exciting, Ben! We're in - I just have to grab Mom's plastic card when she's not looking. I'll get Dave to distract her or something!
Play bows,

Lacy said...

w00f's Ben me iz in too, i need the code fur the thingy, will peemail u soon..

b safe,

Peanut said...

We will try and donate. Have to wait and see on the 1st.

FleasGang said...

How exciting, Ben! There are going to be some very lucky pups out there. What a great cause to be involved in. You should be very proud of your mom and we'll try to think of a couple challenges for you to complete :-)

The Fleas

Chef said...

What an excellent cause. We'll stay tuned for more and we'd love to take part.

Teddy Westlife said...

OH! I thought maybe you were getting another pup or maybe a kitty for a while there. I will paw mum into making a donation but can I have the code for the badge anyway?

Huffle Mawson

Katherine and Pippa said...

We thought you were getting a new playmate too.

But I will get Misery to send you a pmail for the button.

I mentioned dogs in Irag a year ago. Well, actually I wrote about me, as we all do. But anyway, we are interested in this after reading about Lava.


H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Wow! There is a dog named after my Human. She'll probably want to donate a lot of biscuits now.

Gucci said...

Hi Ben,

It's a pleasure to meet you! I like meeting pawesome philanthropic doggies like yourself. :]


The Brat Pack said...

Mom had read an article about this foundation before and thinks it's great! Count us in to help out!


Kyanite said...

I'm up to play!
Also emailing you asap for the button thingy.

Love, pats & pets

Georgeous said...

Hi Ben, good luck with the challenges and congrats on putting yourself up for it!
There's something on my site for you??? but you have it already, damn, I'm too late!Had a busy week...

Bobby said...

Aww I feel so bad grumping all the time, poor dogs,
great cause I will be in Johns pockets as soon as he is not looking.
He is as tight as a ducks you know what.
I will e mail for code
Sad Bobby

Jans Funny Farm said...

Very happy to help publicize this, but your thanks really go to the Ao4 where we read about you.

And we'll be glad to put the graphic on JFF. We'll email you for code.

We're drooling over cheesecake too, but what do you bet if they do replace it, it will be chocolate and we still won't get any?

Unknown said...

donation sent Ben keep it up

Simcha said...

You can count on our support.


Lindsay said...

Ben, this is a wonderful thing you are doing, for a wonderful cause! So many dogs around the world have really hard and lonely lives; it is pawsome to learn about these dedicated service-people who are making a difference!

(We don't have a lot of money cuz The Girl is on disability, but we'll see what we can do!)

The Girl copied the picture and linked it to the Nowzad site. Is there something more in the code that we should pmail you for?

Brown dog kisses (extra cuz you're TOTALLY pawsome),
Dannan and The Girl

Lady Kaos said...

Send me the code! I'd email you, but for some reason Mom can't get into any of her emails right now. She just taught herself a couple new cuss words she didn't even know excisted!! HOPEFULLY she'll figure out the problem so we can get the code email.

Eric said...

Ben, that's a pawsome cause.What a clever Mom you have. I'll send the 2 leggeded over to donate.

Wags, Eri x

Joe Stains said...

This is a great cause and thank dog someone is thinking about those pups.