Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I'm Alive!!!

Where have I been? Well actually nowhere.. as in I didn't leave the country or join the witness protection program or anything. As Mum would put it.. life got in the way of blogging for a while. It also got in the way of me visiting blogs.. which annoyed me somewhat.. but as Mum pointed out, a break is as good as a rest.. whatever that means!

So much to tell you and i'm not even going to attempt it in one post, so for now a little catch up via the power of photographs (Mum got a new camera and boy oh boy don't me and the kids know about it!!)

So whats in the slide show? Well.. My handsome self of course! My little beans.. Moll turned into a biker chick whilst I was on hiatus and both the beans had birthdays! Moll turned 10 and Lilli was 5 a few days ago!! Look out for the photos of my new girlfriends Sheba and Penny.. umm actually Sheba hates me and trys to chew my face off everytime we get together but i'm sure my charm will win her over in the end! Ooooh OOOhhh OOOHH and look for the photos of me wearing "DOGGY CAM"!!! More about that soon! In addition to the new camera the oldies have a camcorder now too so no doubt there will be footage appearing at a blog near you sometime in the near future.

I'm well.. and i grew a few inch and filled out some too! I missed all my bloggy pals and promise to catch up on your blogs very soon, and of course update mine with all the tales of what i have been up to!

Love, licks and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

PS: I apologise for the song choice on the slideshow.. and yes Mum actually sings that to me!! as for Mum's singing.. how can i put this.. umm.. lets just say that if she auditioned for the XFactor then Simon Cowells ears would bleed!! Feel free to heap sympathy on me!