Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Heavy Heart

Well today I intended to play catch up and fill you in on my eventful week and the holiday weekend.. but having just read the news about my beautiful friend Tasha's passing to the bridge I am just heavy hearted and extremely sad. The trivia of my week can wait, I would like, instead, to pay tribute to a very beautiful girl.


September 1997 ~ May 24th 2008

A silent tear rolls down my cheek
My memories are all i have to keep
My friend's final journey has been made
but my memories of her will never fade

Safe in my heart is a wonderful place,
My memories of Tasha and her beautiful face
I've filled it with love and it's there to stay,
Till we meet Sweet Tasha, at the bridge someday.

Mum, Dad, Mollie, Lilli and myself would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies, love and support to Doug, Vicky and darling Eva at this time.

Monday, 19 May 2008

A Walk In The Woods

Hello Everypup,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a relaxing Saturday but yesterday we all decided to take a walk in the woods. It was great, lots to explore and sniff at.

Ready for the off..

Come on Dad, I'll pull you up!!

Finally ditched the leash!

Now for some sniffing around!!

Ooooh Sunshine!!

Stop making me stop to pose Mum!!.. there are things to sniff!!

Even the Beans are having fun!!

This critter looked crunchy, but Mum wouldn't let me eat it!!

Time for a quick shake

Having a rest!

Hey!! Where did the little beans go??

they found a tree to climb into!!

That looks like fun! I think I will climb in too!!

Woah!! It's a long way down!!

Dad to the rescue!!

I smell critters!!

Lemme at em!!

I'm going in!!

Anyone home??

What do you mean I need a bath??

They never did let me off the leash near that hole! Grrrrrr!! They really are spoilsports!!

Ben xxxxx

Friday, 16 May 2008

Pssssst....Guess What??

Guess what.. Guess what...

Mum got a phone call this morning and...


I WON Pet Idol!!!

OMD!! I am so happy I could pee!!

That floofball of a ginger cat can stop looking so smug now because I WON!!!

The Newspaper is going to call Mum on Monday to arrange a photo-shoot!!! I'm soooo excited!! I am also going to get a prize from a company called Trophy Pet Foods.. though I don't know what this will be yet!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me.. you have made my year!!

Just a few short months ago my future was uncertain.. now I have a new family, a new home, all my lovely new friends and I'm a Pet Idol!! None of this would be possible without my Angels from Pawz For Thought.. Little did you know just how much you would change my life that day you decided to help me! I love you all!!

Ben xxxxxx

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

I'm loooong overdue for a post!! Finally Mum has a little time to help me get updated! About time too.. vacations from blogging are no fun at all!!

THANK YOU to all who voted for me in the Pet Idol competition, voting is now closed so I am keeping my paws crossed (for Mums sake) that I come somewhere in the running... failing that, Mum is going to have some SERIOUS sucking up to do!!

Rather than writing a long post about what I have been up to I decided a picture diary would be more fun.. so here is my blogging hiatus.. in pictures!!

I promised photos of the state of me after a late night at the DWB 2nd Anniversary Chat Pawty.. so here I am looking slightly worse for wear!!

Mum and Dad went to a wedding reception and came home "claiming" that they spotted Dr Who's Tardis.. now of course.. no-one believed them.. even though they claimed to have photographic evidence...

So.. the next morning they took the kids there...they have now convinced the kids, but since I wasn't invited and STILL haven't seen it with my own eyes.. I'm reserving judgement on how much "truth" is in their claims of a close encounter with the Tardis!

Then there was my day out with Dad at Trial Bike Practice!! They didn't buy me a helmet or let me take the bikes for a spin but I had a great time anyway!!

We've arrived!!.. Let me out!

hmmm.. a long lead!! For some reason Dad doesn't think chasing the bikes is a good idea! Grrr.. he is no fun!!

I wonder if one of those helmets will fit me??

Dad comes up the hill on two wheels

I come up on four paws!

All this climbing is thirsty work.. Where is the water Dad?

The sun has been shining (for a change) so there has been lots of walks

with Dad...

and with Mum...

and I have been doing a lot of what I do best... posing!!

Some chilling out (and unsuccessful duck watching) at the Lake

and enjoying the sunshine at home.. ummm I mean guarding the house..

Oh and a quick word of advice DO NOT COMPLAIN YOU ARE TOO HOT or this may happen to you too!!

Dry me please!!

For doGs sake.. put the camera down and DRY ME WOMAN!!!

Whatever! I'll dry myself!!!

and what photo post would be complete without a.. "Mum thinks its funny to dress me up" photo??.. Mum you just kill me!!

So thats about all I have been up to.. I could have included several thousand photographs of me napping.. since Mum claims that is all I do besides eating!!.. But I'm sure you can all visualise that for yourselves hehehe

Love, Licks and Tailwags,

Ben xxxxx