Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Competition Numero Three-O



and now for Competition #3

again.. all who have either displayed a Nowzad button and/or pledged a donation or donated to Nowzad may enter the competition.. blah blah

so today we have a brain teaser for you..answers in comments please.

A completely black dog was strolling down Main Street during a total blackout affecting the entire town. Not a single streetlight had been on for hours. Just as the dog was crossing the middle line a Buick Skylark with 2 broken headlights speedily approaches his position, but manages to swerve out of the way just in time. How could the driver have possibly seen the dog to swerve in time?

Competition will close tomorrow at 7pm GMT all correct entrys will be in the draw. You may submit as many answers as you wish.

Good Luck.. Ben xx

oh and I almost forgot.. that Ginger Floofball.. the bain of my existence.. the cat that steals my Mum's affections and eats all MY spiders!... has joined blogland!
I guess I need to start being nice to him???

or you could all go be nice to him instead.. save me the job?

Visit him HERE

ok..ok..stop prodding me Mum..

Grandma.. if you are reading this I think your giant ball of ginger fur is just pawesome.. wonderful in fact.. the best animal creation ever..

can i have the treats now Mum??

Announcing Winner #2

Firstly apologies to all who thought their name was not in the hat yesterday.. due to the volume of entrys (32) my genius Mum thought just a token few of the names should be read out (to keep the suspense to a minimum).. but didn't engage her brain enough to tell the bean to explain this in the video. I can reassure you that all who entered were in the hat.
Secondly I apologise for my apparent lack of interest in yesterdays draw.. I was fine until the bean announced to the world I had a crush on Khyra!! I'm over it now and am wiser for it.. she will be party to no more of my secrets!

I assure you there is marginally more face shots in this evenings video draw..

an NO embarrassing revelations!.. and we are reading ALL entries out

so on to this evenings draw..

Congratulations to our winner! Please e-mail me your postal address and Mum will get your prize in the post. You have won a fleece blanket.. with a real cute doggy on it! We didn't take a picture because Mum was paranoid that if she took it out of the packaging I would adorn it with my black fur and even worse my drool.. wouldn't that make it more precious???

Thank you to all who joined in and helped me support Nowzad Dogs.

We will be back in a little while with Competition number 3.. stay tuned!

Ben xxxxx

Monday, 29 September 2008

Competition Numero Two-O


Time for the next competition folks..

What term do I use to collectively describe my skin sisters?

A) The Ugly Sisters
B) My Beans
C) The Furless Ones

You may leave your answers in the comments box

All who have displayed a badge on their blog for Nowzad Dogs or pledged/made a donation to Nowzad Dogs may enter.

Competition is open till 7pm (Greenwich Mean Time) Tuesday.

Winner will be drawn from all correct answers.

Please continue to support Nowzad Dogs, as just this last Saturday saw another dramatic bid to get three pups to safety at the Afghan Rescue. Only the efforts of the Nowzad team (who were up till 4.30am making frantic calls to Afghanistan) ensured these pups journey to safety and saved them from at best a life of misery and at worst certain death.
Please donate if you can and continue to spread the word about their cause.

Ben xxxx

Also.. if you get a minute can you please run over to Jan's Funny Farm and read the latest update regarding Carrol Crockers fight to save over 70 dogs, if you are not aware of the Carrol Crocker story then all the info is in that post.

And the winner is....

Congratulations!! These prizes will be winging their way to you soon, please e-mail me your postal address.

Thank you to all who entered and supported Nowzad Dogs, the next competition will be announced shortly (because the incompetent human hasn't thought of one yet!)

Ben xxx

Closing Soon


Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that Competition Numero Uno closes in One Hour at 7pm (Greenwich Mean Time)

So just time for some last minute entrys.

My skin sister Mollie will be drawing the winner out of the hat and we will announce the winner, the prize and a NEW competition later tonight

Thanks to all who entered

Ben xxx

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Competition Numero Uno

Well its finally Sunday (In my part of the planet anyway!) so let the competitions commence.

Scattered around my blog there are five pawprints (not including the one below)
Find the five paw prints and email me the titles to the five posts they are displayed on. All correct entries will be put in a hat and the winner drawn out. You have until 7pm (GMT) Monday to send in your entry.

This is what you are looking for..

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Winner and their prize will be announced sometime Monday evening.

Good Luck!

Ben xxxx


Competition is open to all who have either donated to, pledged a donation to or displayed a button/link for Nowzad Dogs on their blogs/websites.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Fun Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the launch of our weeklong fundraiser for Nowzad Dogs We hope you will all join in and have a lot of fun in the process, and of course we are hoping to raise as much money as possible so that the Nowzad Dogs charity can continue their amazing work.

Before the fun begins we wanted to take a day to remember what it's all about. Please watch the videos, please come and join us this week and please please donate if you are able. There is a special donate button on the Nowzad home page which will guarantee you an entry into the grand prize draw.
We will also be holding a daily competition which you may enter if you have donated, pledged a donation or displayed a Nowzad Dogs button on your blog.

Also if you would like to set me a challenge to complete during Nowzad Week I will give a prize to anyone who suggests the challenge I take up!

Thank you.


The Nowzad Dogs

The Nowzad Dogs Come Home

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Simon & Gizmo

Our planned blog for the day is suspended, our hearts are truly not in it today.

Our beautiful friend Simon from the Fleas Blog has been reunited with his sweet sister Shelley at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Fleas Blog was the first DogBlog we started to read, the reason we found and joined DWB, the inspiration so to speak.
For that reason Simon, Shelley and Scarlett have always held a very special place in our hearts. A little bit of our hearts left with Scarlett and now a little of our hearts are leaving with Simon.
Jason, Judy and Shelley we are so sorry, we will miss your little fella so much and our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you.

Godspeed to the bridge dear Simon, and your reunion with sweet Scarlett.

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com


We didn't think today could get any sadder, but now we have had the news that Deetzy's brother Gizmo has also left us for the bridge.
Gizmo was a tiny dog with the heart of a lion and though we didn't know him long he touched our lives hugely, his last post was the most moving post we have ever read.

We promised Gizmo we wouldn't cry when the time came, Sorry buddy but we have let you down.

Godspeed lil Man .. you will be missed.

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Shameless plug

Did you all read Nowzad's Story over at The Nowzad Dogs site?

If you haven't yet then I urge you to read it now, you should also read The Marines Side of The Story

These are the stories that inspired my fundraiser.The roller coaster of emotions that I experienced reading them made me determined to do something to help.

One of the thoughts I had on reading these stories was that they should be in a book, as great and as inspiring as they were, they left me hungry for more!

So I'm happy to report that (if like me) you are hungry for more you don't have too long to wait.

Pen (or the Hero Marine as I like to call him) has written the book that will tug a million heartstrings and probably make us cry, laugh, scream and cheer in equal measures. Without even reading a page yet one thing I'm certain of is that this book is going to make us sit up in awe at the dedication and determination of a bunch of Marines who just couldn't walk away.

The book is due for release 5th February 2009 (so I don't have to think too hard about what to buy Mum for her birthday this year!!) and can be pre-ordered from Amazon's UK Site Here or you can sign up to be notified when it is available to order from Amazon's US Site Here.

I will be doing a book review upon it's release.. (well.. within a few days of it's release.. once Mum has finished reading it)

Personally I can't think of a better Valentine gift for your two leggeds!

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Whilst we have talked a lot about Nowzad and his pals, we haven't said much about Pen and his fellow Marines...

Can I get a HUGE doggy round of Woos, Aroos, Wrooofs and Doggy Admiration for these truly inspiring men! (come on guys.. they are two leggeds but they ARE awesome two leggeds)

Ben x

Monday, 22 September 2008

Nowzad to the Rescue and Moody Monday

Well finally things are less complicated, don't thank my utterly incompetent Human.. trust me she doesn't deserve thanks just a kick up the.. hmm .. anyway..

I'm sure all previous ramblings about how the donation/prize draw etc etc has been making your brains fry, I know I have needed extra naps to rest mine!!

Well finally someone with plenty of grey matter between the ears (something the human sadly lacks) swooped in and saved the day... none other tha Fizzdog of Nowzaddogs.. (actually Pen the human hero claims he did all the work while Fizzdog slept but because I'm a dog.. and this is MY blog.. and I can do as I wish.. then for the purposes of canine solidarity I will give Fizzdog all the credit!)

So now a snazzy new donation link has been put up on the Nowzad Home Page.. featuring a very handsome dog.. (whaddya mean who?? Me of course!!) Donating using that new button means a guaranteed entry into the grand prize draw and a simplistic way of calculating a total sum raised at the end of all this madness.. cool huh?

So don't worry about e-mailing me if you donate.. just e-mail if you are just pledging an intended donation. I'll keep you all updated as to totals pledged (maybe not in the sidebar though as the human is too stupid to work that out).

Why am I suddenly referring to Mum as the Human? Frankly I'm embarrassed to be related to her today!

now onto my day..and Mum has Monday Moodiness (again!)

Dad and the beans were back to school/work today BOOOOO! I dislike Mondays for that very reason. There was the usual scenes of chaos that every Monday brings.. lost homework, lunch money etc.. Mum saying "Do you want to be late??" a zillion times!
I retreated to the harmony of the bedroom and did my best to ignore them all!

Mum came back from the school run and took me for my walk.. though it was more like an olympic race! It was raining so I was being my usual reluctant self.. Mum had a zillion things to do and was in no mood for my rain aversion tactics so the end result was a mad dash down the usual route and then home.. where i typically FINALLY decided to do my business right outside the open back door.. just to ensure she got a nostril full of its freshness. She didn't seem to appreciate the gesture and her monday moodiness got into full swing!
I ignored her disgusted rants as she did her poop scooping duties and took up position on the sofa for a nice nap.. again, she didn't appreciate that and I was rudely awakened and booted off the furniture!
Now my nap had been interuppted.. so rudely!.. I decided that while she was busy making phone calls and scribbling on bits of paper that I would do a little investigating in the kitchen.. ooohh whats that on the counter top... butter!

yum yum.. ok all done investigating i sloped off for a (hopefully) peaceful nap on the bed.

It didn't last long.. Mum discovered the empty butter carton and immediatley figured it had to be me! (how does she do that??) I then had to look like I was interested and alert while she lectured me for hours (thats how it felt) on the reasons I should not steal butter.. and what she anticipated the end result would be (calm down woman there was only a scraping left in the carton, its not like I ate a barrel full of the stuff!!)

After looking reasonably sorry and offering her all my paws in turn I was excused and got back to napping. Mum disappeared out to get some shopping and pick up the beans and I took up residence on the sofa.. all warnings to not do this had fallen on deaf ears!

She came back in a better mood, and I didn't even get told off when she found several suspect hairy spots on the sofa! Me Dad and the beans have all been fed, watered and walked.. and Monday Moodiness seems to be over... TDIAT! (Thank Dog It's Almost Tuesday)

Nowzad Fundraiser Competitions and Donations

Competitions will run from Sunday 28th September 2008 to Sunday 5th October 2008.

There will be at least one new competition daily.

Anyone can join in the competitions for fun, but in order to win a prize you must either pledge a donation to Nowzad dogs (by e-mailing bentherotti @ gmail dot com) or place a button linking to the Nowzad site on your blog (or make a post about them linking to their site)

You are not required to make an actual donation until the fundraising week is over, but I do ask that if possible all donations are sent in by 12th October. (simply so we can hold the grand prize draw asap)

Mum just made a donation as she is being told by those that have donated that there is no facility to add additional details in. You are correct! There isn't!

Since donators will all be elibible for a grand prize draw this presents a problem! I have a solution (which I hope is acceptable to you all) once you have made a donation please e-mail me and let me know what name the donation was made in (don't worry this will be treated in the strictest of confidence) I will then be able to liase with Nowzad to determine exactly how much was raised by this event, and I will also know who is eligible for the final grand prize draw.

Once the donations are in and I have a final total raised, I will hold the Grand Prize Draw.

Don't forget though that there will be lots of opportunities to win prizes all week long even if you can't afford to donate right now (only the Grand Prize Draw is exclusive to donators), all we ask is that you publicise Nowzad's cause with a button on your blog or a post linking to their site.
So please come along and join in the fun, drag all your friends along too, heck.. drag strangers along if you like!

Please throw a few challenges at me to complete during the week too, anyone who suggests a challenge that I take up will win a prize.. regardless of all the above rules.

If I am a bit lax getting around everyones blogs etc for the next couple of weeks then forgive me (though I will do my best) we are already inundated with e-mails to reply to!!

Lastly.. Thank you so much everyone for the overwhelming support, encouragment and promotion you have all been giving us.. even before the fun starts!.. we are truly overwhelmed! So from us.. and of course all at Nowzad..


just gotta figure out how to get the pledge/donation amounts in the sidebar now.. eeek!

Ben (and a slightly frazzled Mum)

Mums a Doofus Brain!!

You guys are all too good.. because I didn't anticipate anyone actually donating before the event even began I .. or should I say Mum.. didn't think it was necessary to harp on about what to do when donating yet..

but since it seems some folk are already sending donations then I guess I better do the blurb thing now.

Here is how it will work.

To pledge a donation e-mail me at bentherotti @ gmail dot com, all that is required is what your intended donation will be so that I am able to post a daily running total of the amount pledged over the course of the event.

I won't be publishing who is donating what, just a running total.

When you make your donation it must be paid directly to Nowzad on their site via their Paypal Account. In the additional comments please include the following information (THIS IS IMPORTANT SO THAT YOU CAN BE ENTERED INTO THE FINAL GRAND PRIZE DRAW)

Since most of you will probably be scratching at the humans to make the donations then I won't have a clue who is who and oh it will get very confusing so please state when donating:

That the donation is in respect of the BENTHEROTTI FUNDRAISER/REFERENCE (here please state something to identify yourself to me, dogs name/blogname..)

Nowzad will then send me a list of all blog/dog names and I will know who is eligible to enter.

If you have already made a donation and would like to be eligible for the prize draw then please e-mail me and I will make sure you don't miss out.

Hope that all made sense, it's late, Mum is tired.. I am grumbling at her and .. the old woman can't keep up with me!! hehehe

Ben xxx

Sunday, 21 September 2008

I can officially SPILL THE BEANS

Ok.. it's 1.15am.. which means it is officially Sunday.. and today is the day that I am allowed to spill the beans about what I am up to!

All covert behaviour ceases here!

First I would like to tell you a story... are you sitting comfortably?

Then I will begin...

In Southern Afghanistan, where desert meets mountains, lies the small war torn town of Now Zad. Here during late 2006 a group of Royal Marines attempted to look after several stray dogs that had been abandoned by their owners. The choice of leaving them to fend for themselves was not an option, the dogs were scared, lonely and in a poor state of health. The dogs became the Marines' companions for the 3 months they spent in the small town facing the daily threat of attack.

The dogs became known as "Nowzad", "Jena", "RPG", "AK", "Tali", "Dushka" and "Patches". An Afghan dog's life is not one of comfort at the best of times; most of the day is spent hunting for scraps of food or hiding from the hot desert sun during the summer and the freezing cold of an Afghan winter night.

There is no pampered pet status in Afghanistan. When their tour of duty in Afghanistan was over, the Marines couldn't leave the dogs behind.

With the fantastic support from fellow animal lovers the world over, they managed to rescue "Jena", "Nowzad", "Tali" and "Helmand" to safety in the US and UK and the Nowzad Dogs charity was formed, Registered Charity Number 1119185.

The Nowzad Dogs have a special meaning for us all - they represent the dogs and animals of the world that have no voice and no hope.

This is the story of how the Nowzad Dogs Charity began. Heartwarming I'm sure you will agree. So I hear you ask.. what does that have to do with covert shopping trips and me having my mouth taped shut for a week?


Although Nowzad, Jena, Tali and Helmand are all now safe in their new furever homes in the UK and US the work of Nowzad Dogs is only just beginning. They didn't walk away from their beloved camp dogs and they are not about to walk away from the dire situations of the hundreds of other dogs suffering.
They know that they cannot simply bring all of the strays of Afghanistan back to the UK or the US


they can help support those soldiers who find themselves trying to look after the Afghan strays that seem to have no hope and by further funding the vital work of the Afghan rescue by helping them with their educational programme for children, free neutering programme for stray dogs and cats bought into the rescue and to help with the further welfare and local re-homing of rescued animals. They also support the Mayhew Animal Homes' training programme for vets from developing countries who are working to help the animals in their local communities.

So what does all of this have to do with explosions of doggy/kitty related articles in my house I hear you all cry again..

Ok... Ok... I'm getting there!!

From Sunday 28th September through to Sunday October 5th I shall be hosting the

Supporting Troops Supporting Dogs Nowzad Fundraiser

It will be a week of fun, competitions, challenges and most importantly (I guess) LOTS AND LOTS of prizes! All are welcome to come join in the fun, win prizes and have some fun.

All are welcome to join in .. everypup, kitty, hamster, bird.. no species is prejudiced.. not even your two legged owners, bring them along too! E-mail your friends, phone your Grandma, refuse to pay your Vet till he joins in, grab everyone you can think of and lets have some fun, this isn't limited to regular blog visitors, and there is no requirement to keep visiting once its over..

THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME (did I actually just say that!!)

This is about making a difference!

now here comes the catch... you knew there was one right?

Throughout the week of frolics I will be asking.. in fact shamelessly begging for folks to pledge a donation to the Nowzad Charity. You will not be required to send your donation in until the frolics are over and done with (though you can if you wish) All donations will be required to be paid direct to the Nowzad Paypal account (on their site).. not to me.. I have no use for money.. I just spend Mum's!

I know we are in a biscuit crunch right now (umm Mum says Credit Crunch but biscuit sounds much yummier) but any amount you can afford will be so very much appreciated and every penny/cent they receive goes straight to helping the dogs/cats.. the two leggeds who run this charity do not get paid.. they are just kindhearts. Even a £1/$1 can help, but if you really can't afford to donate then please consider adding a button for Nowzad Dogs on your blog.
Anyone making a pledge, or adding a Nowzad button to their blog will be eligible to enter to win prizes throughout the week.
Once the week is over and the pledged donations are made then all who donated to the charity will be entered into a grand prize draw with a chance to win something really cool.


a medal to all of you that are!

Anyway... feel free to ask any questions, and here is a little taster..

this week I would like you to suggest a few challenges for me to complete during the fundraising week..

I'm game for almost anything..

Ben xxxxx

Nowzad Dogs is a registered Charity # 1119185

Please click the image below to visit the Nowzad Dogs Site. If you would like this button for your blog e-mail me (e-mail address is up there on my sidebar) and I will send you the code.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to

Dannan and George for awarding me the Gold Paw Award

and to Thor for awarding me the Kiss Ass Blogger Award

I love you guys!

I will be passing on these awards to some of you very soon..

Friday, 19 September 2008

I know I promised I wouldn't tell... but....

Enough of the covert operations..

I know I promised I wouldn't breathe a word but I'm about to burst!

Mum has been going on lots of covert shopping trips, having hushed telephone conversations and pinging e-mails about and though she has been working for me and under my instruction she BANNED me from speaking about what was going on!!

Well.. she has gone out.. and as punishment for leaving me home alone I am going to let a few cats out of the bag so to speak..I won't reveal all.. she may never forgive me.. but a few clues won't hurt.. huh?

Clue #1.. I have tipped the contents of one of the covert shopping bags out and had a good sniff.. no drool though i promise.. and here is what I found..

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

I would have tipped the others out too.. but who knows when she will be back so i figured I needed to be quick!

Clue #2.. Ohhh look a shiny yellow ribbon appeared on my sidebar.. where did that come from?? Maybe you should click it and see!
Note to my Breed Brother George... who may just be in on the secret! SSShhhhhhhh

Clue #3.. See anything you fancy in that photo? Yes? hmm maybe you should check back soon then..

Ok.. I hear a key in the door!!! Gotta run!!! Promise I will reveal all VERY SOON!

Ben xxxxx

Monday, 15 September 2008


Well me and the beautiful Lady Kaos have been (kinda) put in charge of celebrations for the 1000th DWB member.. kinda hard to believe that there are almost that many of us!!

We have bandied a few ideas around but we need YOUR help. If you have any suggestions please comment on either mine or Lady Kaos' Blog.

We were thinking a "1000 reasons to celebrate" theme. Here are a couple of thoughts we had..

Participating Pups make a post describing what DWB means to them - Entrys would then be voted on.
Participating Pups submit a photo of them with the theme "1000 reasons to celebrate" - Entrys would be voted on

These are just ideas for now, feel free to pour scorn on them, praise them or add ideas of your own. This is everypups community and everypups input is important.

Some of the more talented pups may like to make us a button to display on the blogs.. on the theme of "1000 reasons to celebrate"

So there we go, we want to know what you DWB'ers want.. I know I can convince Mum to rustle up a prize or three if we want competitions. Get your thinking caps on and let us know.

Also, Mr T-Bone Beasley and Humans are organising this years DWB Holiday Card Exchange so if you haven't already signed up you can read more about it at their blog or click the button below to get straight to business and sign up.


Public Service Announcement Over..

You may now resume your usual business!

Please all pop over to Amber's Place and read (and watch) about Chloe's Heroics, Mum wept bucketloads but it's truly heartwarming!!

Ben xxxx

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Shopping.. No Thanks!

Well its been another beautiful day, lots of sunshine with just enough of a cool breeze to make it pleasant.

Mum, Dad and the beans left me to do a spot of shopping at lunchtime. I was less than impressed at being left home alone until I saw the kinds of things on sale where they had been..

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

hmmm.. thank dog I was at home napping! Dad says they were shopping for fishing tackle! What kind of fishing uses tackle called that!

They also did some more covert shopping.. more bags of stuff I cannot tell you about.. YET! .. not even for a bully stick!
I assure you the purchases were not made at the same establishment the above photographed items were seen at though, and trust me when you find out what all this covert shopping is about you will be VERY relieved to hear that!

All in all it's been a relatively lazy day for me, just how I like my sundays.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Finally awake from my nap!!

Well I went for a nap on Monday and ... finally I have woken up!!

Just kidding! Mum got sidetracked.. whatever that means! (I asked the kids and Mollie said you spell it L-A-Z-Y)

My prize from the Waggle of Whippets arrived on Wednesday

A parcel... for ME!!

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Lemme at it!

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

almost there now

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Look Mum, it's my prize!

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Hmmm.. Now where should I hang it?

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Thank you so much! Mum is saving it and will give it pride of place when the new kitchen is complete.

Then yesterday.. another parcel for me!! It was my new collar and leash from DogWalkers.Net Am I gonna look cool strutting my stuff in this or what?

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Photo's of me modelling it as soon as.. well as soon as I model it really!

Oh and I have a little secret.. but I promised not to tell!

I didn't promise not to give some clues though!

Mum has been arriving home with bags full of stuff that I am not allowed to touch, sniff, drool on and most definatley not cover with my beautiful black floof!

Why you ask?

hmmm can't say.. but watch this space!

On a more sombre note.. Mum and Dad had some very sad news on Monday

Heaven gained a new star on Sunday.

RIP Steve, no speed limits in Heaven mate.

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com
Steve Norbury 1971 ~ 2008

Our heartfelt condolences to Jim, Adele and Family, Sally and to all at Team Lockside.
Also wishing Rick a speedy recovery.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Trophy Pets and Another Award

Do you all remember the fantastic prizes I won from Trophy Pets for winning the Pet Idol competition?

Well today I want to do a little shameless promotion.

Not only are Tim and Vicki from Trophy the NICEST people you could meet, Trophy also happens to have a great Ethical Policy.

You can read all about it on their website and also send off for free samples etc no matter where you live.

Even better..

If you happen to live in the Leeds area of the UK and Tim and Vicki cover your area, or you shop at Wetherby Market where they have a stall each Thursday then Tim and Vicki have kindly agreed to offer a discount if you mention My Blog when shopping with them!

This discount can only be used when purchasing from Tim and Vicki's franchise and not on items from the Trophy website or other franchises of Trophy Pet Foods, but if you happen to be in the area then take full advantage because they have a fantastic range!

So huge thanks to them for being such great friends!

Thanks also to Sunny, Scooter and Jamie over at the Texas Sun Dogs Blog for this award

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

I'm truly honoured!

I will have a scoot around and pass the award on to more doggys later.. right now I am due a nap!


Ben xxxx

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Even Sunnier Sunday and An Award

Hi all,

Well today has been positively BOILING!! The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. According to the weather schmucks the heavens will open again on Tuesday and more torrential rain will abound with risks of flooding. Fortunatley for me I live quite high up and we have never yet suffered from flooding. Quite a few of the roads out of town flooded after Fridays downpour but we are safe and sound (Thanks to all who enquired)
Our thoughts and prayers do go out to those who have suffered from the floods in this country and to the families of those who have been killed.. and of course to all overseas who are suffering at the hands of the hurricanes.

It was far too hot today for our usual long ramble. I wasn't complaining though, a nice spot in the shade and lots of cool water suited me fine!

Not much to report from today, It has been how Sundays should be.. Lazy!

Mum had swollen glands for a couple of weeks (which have now gone down) but she can't shake of the stinky cold. She sounds so funny when she talks.. all stuffy nosed and croaky. She says it won't go away because she is constantly tramping backwards and forwards to the kids schools in the rain and that the two days she didn't have to go out it stayed sunny!.. she is convinced the rain will flow again from tomorrow when she has to resume the school runs... cross your fingers it won't.. Mum is grumpy when she is sick!

Huge thanks to Huffle who gave me this lovely award for posing nekkid during Meeshka's week of 100.

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

I would like to pass this award on to

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau
Lady Kaos
Waggle of Whippets
JB My Cool Cat Friend
Mack, Paris & Lilly
My Breed Brother George
My Buddy Sherman
Handsome Pippa

Sorry if any of you already had it.. Mum was too lazy to look!


Asta's friend Roscoe is sick, please pop along and leave some pawsative healing thoughts at his blog, his family are so worried about him

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Ben xxxx

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sunny Saturday

I kid you not, it was actually sunny today! After yesterdays 24 hours of torrential rain I had given up all hope of the weekend being anything but a washout, but, the day has been dry and sunny, which somewhat goes to prove my theory that the weather folks are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and about as trustworthy as a magpie with the crown jewels!

I got my tush outside to enjoy the fresh air and that is pretty much where I have been all day. It seems I wasn't the only one out enjoying the sunshine either..

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

and this little guy took a shine to Mum

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

They were quite cute in an un-furry critter type of way. Mum and the beans let them jump all over them for a while and were quite amused. I was my usual indifferent self after all they were too small to chase and they didn't look like they would taste that great!

Do you like Mum's bracelet? The littlest bean made it for her and she hasn't taken it off since! hurrumph, I give her loads of little gifts.. piles of my shedded floof, muddy unidentifiable treats i find in the garden, drool portraits on her leg etc etc.. and does she treasure them??

No.. she makes disgusted noises and gets rid of them! They all beat a bracelet if you ask me, she is soooo ungrateful! and since i have started ranting i may as well get it all off my chest..

We all know she has an obsession with Sherman, but what you probably don't know is that it doesn't stop there..for sometime she has been obsessed with Boston Terriers (You have a lot to answer for Mack, Joey and Tanner!!) and has now developed a thing for Huskys!! Oh and lets not forget the Airedale obsession.. in fact... to cut a long rant short, it's a good thing we are not millionaires or I would probably have several thousand brother and sisters!

One brother or sister might be nice though Mum.. *hint hint*

Ben xxx

Had to share this

I just had to share this photograph of The Mop from over at Bobby's Place

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Mum laughed so hard that coffee flew out of her nose (not the most dignified look Mum!!) and i was speechless!

Just don't go getting any idea's Mum.. NO WAY NO HOW!

Hmm actually on closer inspection I'm not sure that is the Mop, it may be just some random Photo John found somewhere, I guess I will have to wait for Bobby to clarify.. but either way its just hilarious!

Ben xxx

Friday, 5 September 2008

7 Months in...

Mum and Dad have this board that has on it the names and dates of birth of all the family and extended family. I've looked at this board a lot, My bridge brother is on there even the two bridge bunnies are on there, but someone was missing.. ME.
Every so often I will wander over and have a look.. just to check if I am on there yet, I don't know why but I always feel like seeing my name on there will mean I am truly here forever. I have never had any reason to believe I won't be, but not being on that board sometimes gave me an uneasy feeling.
Yesterday I looked and FINALLY there I am!!

Benjamin Samuel Bear 26th January 2007.

Great huh? Except for one fundamental issue. 26th January is my Gotcha Day. Mum and Dad brought me home on 26th January 2008! I decided to point this out to them. Mum told me that I was 11 months old when the rescue got me in December 2007 so they figure my birthday is in January sometime. Since they brought me home on the 26th January they have decided to take this date as my birthday.
This is where the humans are assuming I am a dumb animal. Am I fooled into thinking this is a great idea?


by doing that they have cunningly ensured that my Gotcha Day and my Birthday are celebrated together and you all know what that means! One Cake.. One set of gifts!

the words.. tight and asses ... spring to mind!!

To add to my grumpiness we are in the midst of ridiculously heavy rain, according to the weather forecast (and i trust that like i trust a magpie with the crown jewels!) we are in for a month's worth of rain in three days. I have news for them, we have had a months worth in the last 12 hours! I think I may have my own personal lake in the garden if this keeps up for three days!! Mum keeps trying to drag me out for a walk.. hmmm I don't think so Mum.. you be a fool and go out in it if you like, but no way no how am i taking any leisurley strolls in that!

On a happier note, my lucky winning streak continues and it seems that it is catching.

The eldest bean won a PS3 and Kung Foo Panda game, My Mum just got an e-mail to say she won a DVD (Everyones Hero), and I won this wonderful booty..

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

over at Meeshka's Blog and all for doing what I do best.. moaning about my Mum!! If you haven't been over and checked out the "Week of 100" Challenge then do it NOW!! It's full of hilarious posts and is all in aid of a very good cause. Thank you Meeshka and Khyra!

Oh and last week I was in a magazine here in the UK!

Maybe I should pick the lottery numbers this week!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Ben xxxx

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

All bow to Queen Meeshka... In my Nekkid Glory

I can't believe I'm going to do this, but Meeshka is our very own Queen and she is doing an awesome job of raising funds for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue by doing the week of 100 (100 posts in a week!!) You can read all the details and see her (soon to be) centenery of posts (and of course how to donate) on her blog Here


deep breath....

hold onto your drool girls.....

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Don't tell Mum about this.. I'll be grounded for the rest of my life!!

and yes Huffle.. you are braver than me.. I kept the collar on!

Ben xxx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Pity The Fool...

Before I start.. please could you vote for my dear friend Lady Kaos in the Jeep Dog Photo Contest. You can read how to vote at her blog Here.
Make sure to ask your friends to pop along too.. thank you

Well the day didn't get off to a great start. First Dad went to work, then the little beans started getting ready for their first day back at school. I moped around feeling sorry for myself while Mum was chatting to the kids about their new teachers. Then I heard Mollie say... Mr T.

My ears pricked up at that, Mr T?? What does he have to do with school?? Mum said that Mr T was going to be Mollie's new teacher this year.

WHAT???!!! Mr T???!!!

You mean to tell me Mum that Mollie is going to have to face this every weekday for the next year??

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

at this point I placed myself in front of the door and decided that no way on planet earth was i letting Mollie go to school.. That Mr T is big and.. to be frank.. scary looking!

Mollie seemed quite relaxed about the whole thing and Mum didn't seem troubled at all!! What kind of Mother is she?? How could she send my precious bean to school knowing THAT huge scary guy will be in charge of her ALL day? My Mum went right down in my estimations at that point!

After 10 minutes of them trying to move my substantial sized butt from in front of the door they finally confessed that Mollie's new teacher is in fact not the very scary Mr T in the picture above, but a very nice Mr T (who was in fact a teacher at Mollie's school when my Mum went there so he must be at least 150 years old) and poses no threat to my little beans safety whatsoever.. well that was a relief.
I relented and let them all out of the door, relieved but still not happy that they were abandoning me all day!

Mum tries her best bless her but it's just not the same without Dad and the beans at home.

Me and Mum had quite a relaxed day. Mum was pottering around doing housework and I was pottering around in the garden (trying to look like i was on guard duty but i was actually trying to remember where i buried my frisbee).

Finally it was time to go get the little beans and I could see by their happy little faces that they had enjoyed their first day back and that none of their new teachers were gremlins... Mum asked how their day had been and Mollie told Mum that her first lesson (Literacy) had been about Greyfriars Bobby. Mum loves that book (even though it is guaranteed to make her cry the big nancypants) and oddly enough she had been reading about another dog just the other day with a very similar story so she sat me, Mollie and Lilli down and told us the story of Russwarp a very brave dog. Again it is a sad story but both these dogs are inspirational so I decided to share their stories with you today.Both are true stories.. do you have the kleenex to hand?

Ok.. then read on

Greyfriars Bobby.


Do your love your Master/Mistress that much?

I know you all do.

Ben xxx

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Monday, 1 September 2008

Treats,Prizes, Cuddly Pals and Caught Red Handed!

What a great week I have had!

Firstly Mum, Dad and the beans popped over to Wetherby to spend my Pet Idol prize vouchers. They came back with an impressive haul!


Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Yummy..Treats! Sea Biscuits (these are so smelly!) Salmon Crunchies, Peanut Butter Bones and a big ole bag of crunchy bones!! Mum says these are my training treats.. I say.. Bring on the training!

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com


Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

And the slightly boring practical stuff (Sorry Mum) Travel Bowls and Bottle, Clippers (shudder) and a baggie for Mum to carry my training treats.

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

So once again, Thanks to all who voted for me in the Pet Idol competition and a big thank you to Tim and Vicki from Trophy Pet Foods. If you are ever near Wetherby Market on a Thursday you should stop by and say hello, they have sooooo much stuff.

I've decided that I need some assistance with guard duty (I need my nap time) so I would like to introduce you to Ben Jnr who takes up the post when I am napping, eating, playing, unavailable (basically 99% of the time). The theory is that Mum and Dad won't notice that i'm slacking because they will think he is me hehehe

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

Do you think I will get away with it?

I won another prize.. Mum says I must have been born under a lucky star or something!

Check this out..

Image Hosted by 4FreeImageHost.com

How awesome is that!! Huge thanks and Rotti-Smooches to all over at Patience Please. You made me one very happy dog!

Now onto the more serious issue of my family trying to get away with telling a few untruths! (They really ought to know better than to try and get one past me!)
Yesterday they *claimed* they were popping out to do some really boring chores.. I was immediatley suspicious when Mum took the camera, then they came home with all these strange smells on them and with smiley faces (not the kind of face you would have if you had just spent the morning doing boring chores!!) A quick look at Mum's camera revealed what they had really been up to!!

The Moral of this footage... If you are going to sneak off without your lovable canine pal then DON'T take the camera!
In fairness to Mum and Dad (She made me add this bit) there are no dogs allowed at the farm... in my opinion they shouldn't have gone then!! They owe me BIG TIME!!

and finally I'm all sad and crabby today. Dad has gone back to work after being at home with me for nearly 3 whole weeks, and the little beans have to go back to school tomorrow after nearly six weeks of being at my beck and call. Back to just being me and Mum.. no offense to Mum cos I love her lots.. but no Dad and no beans just SUCKS!

Ben xxxx