Friday, 29 February 2008

Despite how this looks.....

I'm honestly comfortable!!

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I mean.. look at this face!!

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I'm in bliss

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Ok Mum, enough with the camera!! I'm TRYING to sleep here!!

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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Brushing up on my dictionary skills...

a little idea I stole from Abby's Blog

Basically your answer to each question must start with the first letter of your name.. (better dig out the dictionary!!)You can't repeat any answers.

What is your name...........................Ben
4 Letter word...............................Bone
Boy Name....................................Brian
Girl Name...................................Bonnie
Occupation..................................Brain Surgeon
Something you wear..........................Bandana
Celebrity...................................Brad Pitt
Something found in a bathroom...............Brush
Reason for being late.......................Banana Skin (slipped on one)
Cartoon Character...........................Bananaman
Something you shout.........................Boo!
Body part...................................Back
Word to describe you........................Beautiful (Of course!!)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

And The Earth Moved....

Ok.. I'm risking life and limb to tell you this story (sorry Mum I tried to keep my mouth buttoned but it didn't work)

Last night we had visitors. My skin friends Dave and Anthony have just got back from a little holiday to Greece and stopped by to say Hi.
Well, all the skin folk got a little overly chatty and it was after midnight before they left.
Dad more or less went straight to bed, but Mum decided to read a little first to wind down.
A little bit before 1am Me and Mum heard a loud rumbling.. I pricked my ears up then lost interest and Mum half looked up from her book, assumed it was some big wagon or something passing in the distance and went back to her reading.

The couch shook violently and Mum jumped up in the air in a state of panic, frantically looking behind her as if she was going to see someone there shaking it!!

(I'm pausing now to get over my fit of hysterics)

I should add at this point that the couch is against a wall so it would be physically impossible for anyone to be behind it!! I could see Mum getting more anxious and confused by the second.. I thought about going over and reassuring her but I was really comfy in my bed and really just couldn't be bothered.
Then Mum starts mewing like a kitten for Dad and babbling about poltergeists and all kinds of mumbo jumbo. Then (and this was utterly hilarious) she kind of went into a state of suspended animation and just sat there stock still looking completely terrified.
After a good ten minutes of impersonating a stone statue Mum then tried coaxing me onto the couch for protection.. I decided deafness was the best policy at this point.. after all I was perfectly comfortable where I was and what exactly did she need protection from? A shaking couch?

It wasn't until Grandad phoned this morning and told Mum that there had been an Earthquake (5.2 on the richter scale) and asked if it had woken her up, that Mum realised that she wasn't A) Going insane or B) Being haunted by some evil spirit

How silly do you feel now Mum? I will keep my mouth buttoned on the more bizarre scenarios that ran through your mind through the night, I'm sure anyone with a half decent imagination can hazard a guess at them.

So sorry Mum.. but next time apply a little logic before engaging full blown panic mode (snort, chuckle)

and NO MUM.. the fact that we don't get many Earthquakes here is NOT an excuse for behaving as if you are the real life star of the excorcist!!!

I must go now.. I feel the need to go laugh at Mum some more.

Ben xxx

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

I have sufficiently recovered from yesterdays trek so I suppose it's time to fess up.

Don't I look angelic in those photo's yesterday? Like a perfectly behaved little boy.. you can almost see a halo I look so angelic..

But.. and it's a rather large and bold BUT.. if the truth be told, my halo slipped for a little while and I was slightly mischevious... ok ok Mum stop prodding me... ok since we are telling the truth.. I was Naughty.. Yes! that's naughty with a capital N!!

So about a third of the way along our walk we climbed a few steep hills and it all opens out into a lovely wooded area with some large clear spaces inbetween, absolutely ideal for a nice big off the lead run.
All was going well, Mum, Dad and the little beans were throwing things for me to fetch and I was having a ball playing one of my favourite games.. sniff and retrieve, when all of a sudden there was an odd noise. Kind of a flapping, squawking, splashing sound.
I stopped dead in my tracks and pricked up my ears. Mum spotted my stance immediatley (she really is a spoilsport!!) and shouted a warning to Dad who was closer to me. The thing is that Dad doesn't react as quick as Mum.. and knowing this I realised that I had a crucial 2 second loophole to exploit, and not being one to pass up on that I exploited that 2 seconds and made a dash down the hill to investigate... now one little thing I haven't mentioned is that the aforementioned noise was coming from the river. Mum immediatley started yelling at me to get back pronto.. I immediatley turned selectively deaf and poor Dad was immediatley ordered to get after me, this entailed chasing me at speed down three steep hills whilst trying to stay upright (No easy task!)
Now fast as I am the source of the noise (which I now have been told was Geese) were long gone by the time I had made my descent, so somewhat annoyed that I had missed them I stood at the waters edge loudly protesting... when Dad caught up with me he pointed up the hill towards Mum.. who was looking slightly red in the face and a little.. well... annoyed. Me and Dad both knew this meant one thing.. and indeed it did.. as soon as Dad sent me back to Mum the lead was going back on and the fun was over.
I slinked back up to Mum with my best *sorry* face on and my tail firmly between my legs. It didn't work though, she had that lead back on me faster than the speed of sound. Dad explained that Mum isn't a meanie (I beg to differ!!) but she was just worried. Hmmm I may have to think twice next time before I shoot off without permission!

So today has been slightly more relaxed. When Mum got back from taking my little beans to school we headed off for our usual walk to the fields. It was fairly quiet and so we had some nice bonding time.

I had a nice snooze while Mum went to get the girls, Mum had shopping to do so I couldn't do the school run today, but I didn't mind as I was fairly tired.
When the kids got home they played tug of war with me for a while then I retired to my usual spot behind the door to wait for Dad getting home from work, even Mum's cooking didn't tempt me away.

Dad is home now, everyone has had dinner, the kids have gone to bed which means it's almost time for my nightly walk with Dad, so time for me to be off here and getting my harness on..

Love Ben xxx

Sunday, 24 February 2008

I thought Sunday was a day of rest!!!???

Sunday is not a day of rest in this house, not if every Sunday so far is anything to go by!!
So, do you want to know what a typical Sunday in this household involves?

They say a picture can say more than 1000 words, so as I am slightly tired.. ok.. absolutely EXHAUSTED.. I will let the pictures do the talking!
(Ok the picture's can't tell the WHOLE story.. but I will save that for tomorrow)

oh and for info... it's a 7 mile round trip!!

Starts out nice and peaceful
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at a nice strolling pace...
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there was even time for a quick cuddle en-route!
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.. and a quick posing shot!
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.. even my little beans like to pose!
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Then the hard work starts... here I am dragging Mum up the hill!!
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and taking a well deserved breather afterwards!
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Nature Calls!
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This running around is thirsty work!.. where is Dad with my water?
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Here I come!!
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Taking in the scenery and having a rest
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Now we gotta walk 3 miles back???
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ready for home and my bed!!
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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Weekends... Bliss and Baths!!

Well, my weekend got off to a great start. Instead of being on *waking up by wet nose nudging* duty, I was on *wake up and snuggle up* duty instead!

ahhh bliss!!

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the day hasn't ended on such a high note though! Mum and Dad decided it was bath time!! and this was the end result....

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somehow I don't think the *badly done to, bedraggled look* suits me!!

Mum and Dad looked even more wet and bedraggled.. but they wouldn't let me post THOSE photo's!!


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is Mum's birthday.. lots of interesting parcels for me to stick my nose in!

This birthday business sounds fun! Can't wait for mine.

So, Happy Birthday Mum, Love you.

Oh, and she is feeling a bit under the weather too.. (more cake for us!!) so get well soon Mum *kiss*

Ben xxxx

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Monday, 18 February 2008

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Letter to Mum...

Dear Mum,

I have decided honesty is the best policy, so I'm writing to you to set a few things straight.
Although our relationship is a pretty harmonious one, I feel we should iron out any issues sooner rather than later so it can develop to an even more harmonious level.

1. Who told you that you can sing? Whoever it was cease the friendship/relationship with them immediatley, THEY LIED! so now at least one person (Ok Dog!) has been honest with you, can you please stop singing "Me and my puppy, gettin' all slushy" to me at every given opportunity, and especially stop doing this when we have guests. You are only embarassing yourself! Well actually me too, but it is your best interests I have at heart. For your information the song actually goes.. "Me and my teddy, getting all ready, getting all ready for bed" So please feel free to sing it to any stuffed animal, at bedtime, and out of my earshot!

2. Ive noted that you take joy in gathering Dad, Mollie, Lilli and anyone else who happens to be around to have a good laugh at me when I am asleep with my legs in the air and my mouth wide open. That is fine, just don't be offended when you wake up in the middle of the night and the neighbouhood dogs and cats are gathered around your bed having a good laugh at YOU!

3. Seems you were not in class on the day they taught pooper scooping etiquette, so here is a quick catch up.. it's NOT good etiquette to announce loudly how smelly my poo is when you are picking it up.. does your's smell of roses?

4. Its no coincidence that I poop in the garden the second you have cleaned one up.. I could wait for my walk.. but the look on your face is far too amusing and also revenge is sweet.. see number 3.

5. Buy a dictionary and look up the word DISCRETION then try applying it when you are coo-ing over countless doggys online.. I SEE YOU doing it you know!

Love Ben xxxx

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Friday, 15 February 2008

That Friday Feeling!!!

Friday at last!! According to Mum, Friday means that Dad doesn't have to go to work for the next two days so we get to keep him all to ourselves!

On the downside though, it's the last day of the kids school holiday, so they will be going back to school on Monday. So it will be back to being just me and Mum through the day.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. Mum cooked me up a special liver dish with veggies, it was yummylicious and was gone in about a nano-second! Mum asked me if it even touched the sides!

Today has been fairly relaxed. Dad took me for my usual morning stroll before work and we met up with Jake (adorable black lab) for the first time. All went well and we got on fine, so a new friendship is blossoming and we can now plan some outings together.
Mum and the little beans took me to the field for a potter about then it was time for them to head off to an art workshop. Not sure what an art workshop is really, but they came home with some pretty scary tiger masks and bouncy snakes!

Me and Mum worked on my commands a little more, it's like a game so i quite enjoy it. I get lots of praise too so I always try to do my best, Mum seemed pleased so I must have done well. Dad came home from work and we had our playtime, then i chased my Kong around for a while trying to get the cheese out.. finally managed it but it was hard work for a bit of cheese!!

Time for my evening stroll now and then I think a night being a couch potato with Dad is in order.

oh and Happy Birthday Grandma Sheila.. I won't say how old you are here, thats no way to stay in the good books!

Ben xxx

Thursday, 14 February 2008

This makes me sad.. Please help if you can

Mum has just told me about the plight of a rescue centre in Palma, Mallorca.

Established more than 20 years ago by British expat Jane Reynolds,the Centro Canino Internacional is now in its third decade of fighting for animal rights and helping to protect and care for abandoned and unwanted pets from all over Mallorca, but principally from the south-west and Palma city.

Over the years, they have saved literally thousands of dogs, cats, horses and donkeys from either neglect or physical cruelty.

The Centro Canino Animal Rescue faces closure tomorrow, it is scheduled that the police will go in (on instruction from the council) and remove all animals and close down the centre. With other rescues full to bursting it is almost certain that most, if not all the animals will be destroyed. Healthy Dogs, Cats, Horses and Donkeys all destroyed for beurocracy!
Animals that have been rescued from horrific circumstances and cruelty at the hand of man, nurtured back to health, shown love for the first time, given a second chance at happiness.. for it all to be snatched away, again at the hand of man!

How many of your hard earned pounds/dollars get poured into Spain's tourist industry each year? Is this how you want your money to be used.. to enforce such action on a refuge that asks NOTHING from the spanish government and clears up the mess that they themselves do nothing about. Spain has a terrible record for animal cruelty, by closing down this refuge you cannot help but think the government endorses it!

There are several ways you can try and stop this senseless slaughter, and PLEASE I urge you all to try, I know its late notice, I know you may think its pointless, but if you had ever looked into a rescue dogs eyes, seen the horror of their suffering then you will understand that with even a moments notice it is worth trying to help.

Here is what you can do:


Despite everything, we carry on!
Clarifying note from the Centro Canino Internacional with regard to the lifting of the cautionary measures.

Following various articles that have appeared in the media about the current state of affairs of the Centro Canino Internacional, we would like to point out the following:

1 Our centre cannot be closed at any time as we have a licence to hold 10 females, one male and all the puppies that are in the centre.

2 Nothing has been said at the moment about the cats, donkey and the other animals that are in our centre so they won’t be moved from where they are.

3 At any time the Town Hall may only take animals from the centre which, to their understanding, exceed the number that are permitted and this must be agreed with us.

4 Any dogs that might be taken from the centre become the responsibility of the Town Hall and will have to be housed in Son Reus or in other locations that are deemed suitable.

5 Under no circumstances will this association allow dogs to be taken to Son Reus as we consider the centre already full. This will be to their detriment and they could lose the ‘limited’ quality of life that they have.

6 Under no circumstances can dogs from Centro Canino Internacional be killed or given up for adoption without the consent of the association. There is no time limit for this either.

7 And most important of all is the fact that a judge (Dna Carmen Frigola Castillon) in her final summing up, has stated that the rights of animals whose lives are at stake due to relocation, must be respected. They deserve total respect from an advanced and modern society that cannot tolerate the sacrifice of animals that live in it.

As you can see, this is a good example of our society changing. It is becoming a place that we as animal lovers have desperately fought for for a long time. Surely the future of animal centres will be easier.

As always, thanks to all and let’s carry on!


Ben xxx

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Help End The Misery!

Puppy Farming is rife, and the misery and suffering of the dogs involved is shocking.

If you are unaware of what puppy farming is, and what goes on then here are some useful links

Puppy Farming

More About Puppy Farming

Puppy Farm Dealers

How YOU can help

Sign the online PETITION for puppy farming to be banned, and pass the link onto your friends.

Ben xx

In the doghouse!!

I'm in the proverbial doghouse right now!

After our walk, Mum and the little beans nipped out for some shopping. When they got back Mum asked Mollie to pop a couple of the bags in the kitchen while she helped Lilli off with her coat etc.
Well.. to cut a long story short, Mum walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and caught me with my head in one of the shopping bags, happily munching on a shortcake cookie!
To say she wasn't best pleased is an understatement! I got a good ticking off and poor Mollie got a lecture about not putting food shopping on the floor when there is a four legged food thief about!
Mum gave us both a hug after about 30 seconds and explained why Shortcake Cookies are not the most balanced diet for a Dog, so i guess thats the end of it.

Honestly... She is USELESS at discipline! We only have to bat our eyelashes and she crumbles!

Still.. I think that is the last Shortbread Cookie I will be getting in the foreseeable future!!

There is an air of sadness about the house today. Mum seems really sad and the kids and me are picking up on it. I sat with Mum and pestered her with my paw and very wet nose, come on Mum.. I urged.. whats wrong?

Mum told me that my Grandad Harry would have been 60 tomorrow but that he passed away last year and that her, Dad and the girls miss him very much. I nuzzled my head into her knee and gave her some more wet nose treatment, then i decided maybe playing would help so i got my ball and nudged her a bit more. Mum laughed and had a game of catch with me then told me I am good for their hearts.. don't know what that means, but Mum seems happier, so I am too.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Over two weeks in...

I've been here with my new family for over two weeks now, and it really feels like home. I'm settled, I feel safe and secure, and I'm happy.

There are lots of things I love about being a part of this family, and I'll share a few with you.

Morning Kisses

Mum is always the first up (does she ever sleep??). Now to say that Mum has a coffee addiction (Well Latte to be precise) is an understatement, and before my arrival she would head straight for the Dolce Gusto machine in the mornings, well now I'm here her priorities have changed. Mum heads straight for my bed and we have our five minutes *quiet time* before the daily madness begins. Mum tickles my ears and plants lots of kisses on me, and whispers her plans for the day to me, then we head to the kitchen and I run out to the garden while Mum makes the coffee, I'm happy to potter around, because i know that any minute Dad will be up and round two of the affection train begins.
My morning greetings with Dad are less sedate. Dad appears in the kitchen and I bound in from the garden and greet him like he has been gone for a week, its a silent understanding between me and Dad that this is the form of greeting no matter where he has been and no matter how long he was gone. I leap on him and he heaps a whole lot of love and kisses on me. I plant myself firmly at his feet while he has his morning cuppa, I'm used to the routine now and once that cup is empty I know Dad will be putting on his boots and we will be heading off on our morning walk.
When me and Dad get back from our walk it's time for me and Mum to see him off to work, and then i get excited again, because now I know what is coming next.
It's time to wake the sleeping beautys of the house! Up the stairs we creep and into their room.. they look so cute when they are sleeping!
First I sneak over to Mollie and Mum whips back the covers, before she can grumpily protest to be woken from her slumber I plant my wet nose on her and suddenly all grumpiness is gone. Two little arms snake around my neck and a sleepy kiss is planted on my nose, Mum says i've cured Mollie of her *getting out of the bed the wrong side* syndrome!
By this time Mum has woken Lilli and she is demanding my attention. Lilli always wakes up with a smile (for now) so no wet nose intervention is required here at present! Once Mum is sure the kids are truly awake we head off back downstairs to make breakfast.
Whats not to love about mornings??!


Mum and Dad know lots of great places to walk and it's quite exciting seeing all the new places and discovering all the new smells. Mum takes me for a lunchtime walk (kids too if they are not at school) and we usually take the ball or my tugrope along. We try and go a different route everday as Mum wants to get me used to lots of different places. If we go somewhere new I still get a little giddy and Mum has to get a little firm with me, but i'm not being naughty, I just get excited at all the new things around me. Mum says I'm getting better everyday though. When Dad is home too then we are almost certain to do the River Walk, Its a long walk though and so when we get home I'm always relieved to see my bed!! Evening walks are either a family affair or just me and Dad. I like them either way, I just like showing off my new family!

My Bed

I so love my new bed!! I REALLY love my new bed. Now Mum will kill me for telling you this, but she has tried to coax me onto the sofa on more than one occasion .. and it's not that I don't like cuddles, I LOVE cuddles, but i just adore my bed. Its my little haven. I can lie on my back with my paws in the air, lie in a little ball so I look like I have no legs, hang my head over the side, hang a leg or legs over the side, lay on the pillow or bury my head under the pillow, I can drool on the blankets.. who's gonna complain? because the point is, its mine! no-one asking me to move up, no-one taking the best side, no-one stealing the blankets, no-one doing a drool check... its mine oh mine.

My Toys

I love my Toys, my squealing piggy, my never ending and constantly growing collection of tennis balls, my football, my tugropes, my frisbee and my Kong.. oh and Mums T-Towels.. musn't forget the T-Towels.. I just let Mum *think* they are hers!

Dad getting home from work

I know the sound of the Landrover now, I know it's coming before anyone else in the house hears it. My nose is glued to the door till Dad gets through it. I have learnt to be polite and let Dad say hello to Mollie, Lilli and Mum first (though initially no-one else got a look in) then I leap all over him to let him know just how much I have missed him .. which is a LOT! It's one of my favourite times of the day because everyone is home safe and I can relax.

So that is just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots of things I love about my new home and my new family, and more new things to love everyday. What a difference two weeks can make.. huh?

Image Hosted by

a little birdie tells me that.....

Dad is peeping in on me from work today...

So to Dad and all his colleagues..


Better find my hiding place now for when he gets home from work!

PS Dad...

can you guys do anything with this.. apparently there is a rear bumper issue *wink*

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Time to get serious!

Ok.. time out for a serious blog.. on a subject very close to my heart. Please take a moment to read this, normal service and my usual sarcasm will resume tomorrow.

Far too many dogs are out there waiting for a loving home, be they on your doorstep, 100 miles away, the other side of the country, or even in another country altogether. Far too many sad stories waiting for a happy ending.

So I ask you all to take a moment, firstly to read a poem, and secondly to take a look at a site (just one of the hundreds out there) and if you, a friend of yours, your neighbour or your second cousins neighbours budgies hairdresser is considering adding a new addition to the family then please consider a dog in rescue, a dog who deserves that happy ending,read some of the stories, look at some of the photographs and ask yourself.. do any of them deserve to be without a home, without a family?

Sacred Oath

As I lay in the corner of this cold draughty shed,
Footsteps approaching fill me with dread,
Alone and afraid I shiver with fear,
Wishing I were dead as the footsteps draw near.
Will he toss me some food? Or an old bone I can lick?
Or will he just beat me again with his stick?

What did I do that was so terribly bad?
Did I disappoint him - did I make him sad?
I remember the day that he brought me home,
I thought I’d be loved and my nights would be warm.
I swore an oath as ancient as time,
To love and protect him, and make his heart mine.

If I broke that oath, and ran far away,
Would I be forgiven – would I have to pay?
My hunger is burning, yet my stomach is full,
My poor heart is breaking – my eyes have grown dull.
Trapped in this shed – this dark lonely room,
New little lives now grow in my womb.

The footsteps grow louder - then suddenly stop,
I hear the key rattle - I hear the bolt drop.
I shiver and shake and then wet my bed,
Why is this happening? I wish I were dead.
A bright shaft of light pierces the dark,
As the door slowly opens, I whimper and bark.

I cower in fear and wait to be hit,
But this human is different - he hasn’t a stick.
He speaks to me softly, and says, “Oh my God”
“You poor little sweetheart, you poor little dog”
He carries me out in his warm loving arms,
And says, “Hello girl, you are safe now from harm”

Months have now passed, and my babies are born,
We are all safe and happy in a new loving home.
I will never forget how I felt on that day,
When a rescuer came and took me away.
This new human I have, is so loving and kind,
So I gave him my heart, I hope God doesn’t mind.
I will love and protect him for the rest of my life,
The sacred oath - I transferred - to him and his wife.

Steve Bateman (2007)

Did that tug the heartstrings? I can tell you now that it brought a tear or two to Mums eye.

Well theres the poem, now for the reality..

Pawz For Thought

There are hundreds of sites like this, hundreds of dogs and cats and other animals that for whatever reason, but certainly through no fault of their own, have ended up with no home to call their own, no family to cherish and in some cases no hope.

Could you give just one a happy ending?

My Heroic Return

Ok, so maybe i dramatised the title a teeny bit. But trust me, a trip to the vets to have your boy-parts manhandled by a strange woman is no picnic!!

Everything Mum and Dad do turns into a mini-drama and this expedition was no exception! We arrived at the dreaded Mutt Torture Chamber... (sorry dramatising again)... The Vets only to be told that our appointment was at the other branch - 2 miles away - despite Mum making the follow up appointment at our local branch, for our local branch. From Mums expletives in the car (which no nice doggy would repeat) I gathered that the receptionists making mistakes is not uncommon - but thats another story! We then had to make a mad dash to the other branch in rush hour traffic, cue more expletives from Mum and Dad!

So we arrived at our destination 7 minutes after our appointment time, and it seems that Vets like to punish Humans too because they decided that was reason enough to make us wait till everyone else had been seen. Now I personally was fine about that, since it wasn't a meeting I was exactly looking forward to!
There was, luckily, only two other dogs waiting to be seen. Oscar .. another Rottie who was there to have his stitches removed from his recent castration (Oscar I feel your pain!!) and Harvey who had an unfortunate encounter with a stick whilst out walking today and was decorating the waiting room floor with his blood!
Oscar didn't think much of me (no accounting for taste) and thought even less of Harvey so his Dad took him outside to wait his turn. Harvey seemed quite taken by me and was trying to wriggle out of his Dad's grasp to come over and play. I wasn't objecting, he was a lovely looking black lab who seemed really friendly (If you ignored the blood dropping off his chin)
Harvey was the first to be seen. He came out looking a bit sorry for himself, the vet decided he needed a few staples in his chin so he was off to the doggy hospital so they could give him something to make him sleep while they sorted him out. Oscar was next, he came out looking even more unfriendly than when he went in but, considering why he went in there, I can't say I blame him.

Then the dreaded moment was upon me, and it was my turn to go in. My legs began to shake and I gave the *doe eyed plea* with Mum one last shot. All to no avail, Dad firmly led me into the evil woman's lair.

So lets not discuss the unpleasantries... its a little personal what went on in there you understand, but the verdict is that I don't have to have any more pink sweets, apparently i'm healing really nicely, they are impressed with the improvements to my coat, weight and teeth and this vet even let me give her a little kiss or two (gotta butter up the enemy and keep them on my side!)

I had the last laugh too, the vet recommends Mum and Dad wait another week to 10 days before they give me a bath, so they are gonna have to put up with my ever so delightful kennel smell for a bit longer yet!! hahahahahahaha!!!

Oh and welcome to the new home for my blog... seems I babble on a bit too much for my old blog... and ran out of room!!!

Monday Blues

Ok I heard the whispered conversations, saw the sideward glances and distinctly heard the word VETS!!!
So being the intelligent beast that I am, I have come to the conclusion that today is the day for my check up following my ten days of pretty pink sweets.
After realising that there are no escape routes and that the doe eyes are NOT going to work I have resigned myself to putting on a brave face and going along with it.

Just a word of warning Mum... If she touches my personal parts i will.........................

nuff said!

This jokes getting OLD!!!!

Free Image Hosting at

I have as much of a sense of humour as anyone, but when you have heard the same joke 1000 times it gets.. well to be blunt... ANNOYING!!!

Whenever I meet someone for the first time and Mum and Dad tell them where they travelled to bring me home, the same old tired joke gets dragged out and dusted off...

"You got him from Newcastle?? What does he say when it's dinnertime?
Why-Aye man.. where's ma dinner??"


Someone needs to get these humans some new material!

Cream Crackered!

Mum and me went on a ramble this morning, we thought we would try a change of scenery, so we headed off in a different direction than usual.

On our walk we met an old guy walking a blonde girly (Mum said it was a Lab... no idea if thats true but she was very pretty) She was a little on the large side so i was a bit nervous at first, but she gave me a good sniffing over and a friendly lick and then i knew all was good. Mum and Blondies Dad chatted for a few minutes while we got aquainted, she was a little bit giddy and kept trying to leap on my back but her Dad got her to calm down a bit. Blondies Dad told Mum that he got Blondie as a retirement present from his wife and that she is 3 but thinks she is still a puppy.
Mum teased me all the way home and said that I have got a girlfriend! hrrrmph!!

Once Blondie and her Dad had moved on, me and mum ambled about, me sniffing anything and everything and Mum enjoying the sunshine. I got a little nervy when i saw a GSD approaching, Mum had to get quite firm with me as i was letting myself get all agitated, but eventually Mum calmed me down and they passed without incident, I didn't fancy making friends and luckily Mum sensed that so she steered me clear.

Mum has arranged for me to go on some walks with her friend and Jake (Labby X) apparently he is a lot bigger than me but they assure me that he is really friendly and will play nice with me, I will let you all know how that goes.

Anyway, I feel the need for an afternoon nap coming on.. i do so love my bed, and after my ramble i'm feeling slightly cream crackered, so nap time it is.

Ben xxxx

Sunshine at last!!!

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Well its been a beautiful sunny day today.
Mum dropped my two little beans off at school then we went for a nice long walk and played tag on the field. I have spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden alternating between lazing around and sitting quietly behind the gate till an unsuspecting neighbour pottered by then letting out my gruffest bark (yes i have found my voice!) and having a good laugh when they jumped in fright.
Eventually Mum cottoned onto my game and put a stop to it.. spoilsport.
Worse than putting an end to my game... she re-emerged with the camera!! She then spent a good hour trying to get me to *pose*... well she didn't like my game so I wasn't playing hers!! nice photos of the back of my head Mum!! hahahaha!

Well the little beans are home now and it seems a game of football is about to start... i'd better run, they can't proceed without the star player :)

Ben xxxxx

Dribble Kibble!!

Ok its confession time, I have a little problem..

Before i go any further I should explain that the only reason I am confessing to this is to get my side of the story over first! By first, I mean BEFORE Mollie (my human sister) finds this blog and takes it upon herself to tell HER version of this story!

Ok, so my little problem is dribble! What can I say, i'm not an habitual dribbler, but occasionaly it happens.. you know?

So i will be there, in the kitchen, enjoying my dinner and i hear, see or smell something interesting going on in the next room. So I plod through to have a look... now here is where my problem kicks in.. I forget to finish eating first.. so i arrive in the next room.. mouth full of yummy food, open my mouth to join in the conversation and OOPS!! out pops my food.. thoroughly dribble drenched. Now i'm not a wasteful soul, so as soon as i realise my error, i quickly pick up my dribble drenched munchies and finish eating. Not the most disgusting of habits.. but i guess its a little habit that is not so socially polite.. now the thing is that everyone in the house is polite enough to act like they didn't notice my little faux-pa.. everyone that is except little Mollie Moo who teases me relentlessly and has now nicknamed me Dribble Kibble!! She took it even further and even threatened to re-label all my food Dribble Kibble!!

She may laugh now... but in years to come she will no doubt be bringing home some lanky boy and announcing her love for him.. and that moment is when i shall exact my revenge.. after all, lanky boys do kinda resemble lamposts and it isn't just elephants who have long memories you know ;)

Ben xxx

Got the hang of this *playing* thing!!

Dad said I would learn to play, and I have... Try stopping me now!!

Mum bought me a pack of tennis balls with paw prints all over them, we have a blast playing with those.
Mum throws one and i have to run and get it and bring it back, then Mum throws it again... and again... and again... she gets tired of that game way before i do hehehe
I have a lovely big squeaky pig that drives everyone mental after ten minutes.. that one is good if I feel like going for a walk.. ten minutes of me making the piggy squeal and they can't get hold of the lead fast enough!
I have a rubber pull toy too, Dad plays tug of war with me.. guess who wins? yup.. you got it .. Me everytime!!
Mollie plays that game with me too, but I always let her win.. well she is only 9!!
But my absolute favourite game of all is the towel game!!
T-Towels are just so much fun.. Mum walks around the kitchen with the T-Towel draped over her shoulder when she is cooking etc.. its just way too tempting.. its like a calling to me. I see that towel and woooohoooo its playtime!! Tug-Of-War here we come!!!
Mum cheats at tug of war though, when she realises the inevitable (that she cannot win) she flicks her half of the towel over my head and covers my eyes and then smothers me with kisses, and yep i turn into a ball of goo and let go! I get suckered everytime! She is going to make me as sloppy as her one of these days!!

I may not have had a clue about playing when i first arrived, but Dad wasn't kidding when he said I would love it...

Ben xxx

What's my name again??

Ok.. my name is BEN... yes thats right B-E-N BEN. Got that Mum?

Its not fishcake, schnookums, sloppychops, peanut, snugglepops, fruitbat, munchkin, twinkletoes or any of the other 5000 names Mum has called me today.

Now between me and you (but don't tell Mum) I don't mind all these little terms of endearment when we are within the walls of our house...alone... but for petes sake .. can someone please tell Mum that its just NOT cool to call me ANY of the above in public!!!!

No seriously ... someone PLEASE tell her.. My doggy street cred is on a very definate downward spiral!!

that nasty woman!

Mum and Dad unplugged the computer for a few days (how inconsiderate!!). They "claim" it was because they were doing some work.. hmmm... more likely it was to try and silence me! You see last Tuesday they took me to the...VETS!!!! Well, they refer to her as "the vet" i will just refer to her as "that nasty woman!"

ok, ok so she wasn't all spite and nastiness.. she did say how handsome i was (goes without saying really though doesn't it??) but she got a little personal with where she was prodding!
Now i'm no prude, but there are parts that no lady should prod, especially since the said parts are pretty sore considering recent surgery to ensure I don't inadvertedly make a "mini-me"!!

I made my distate pretty clear with lots of grumbling and dirty looks... which she completely ignored!
I was weighed, had my teeth inspected and poked and prodded a bit more and then she waffled on at Mum and Dad about some pretty pink sweets i had to have twice a day and told them to bring me back in ten days... well i have news for them.. this time i KNOW where i am going and they better not think i'm gonna make it easy for them next time!!

watch this space...

Leave the room??? I think not!!!

We had visitors today. Two guys called from e-on to try and talk Mum & Dad into switching energy suppliers. Now its not that they didn't seem to be nice guys... they were polite enough.. but I had to give them the sniff test then i plonked myself at Mum's feet.. just to be on the safe side.
I guess I was kinda restricting her view of their little laptop because Dad asked me to leave the room. Now i didn't mean to be impolite.. but no way on this planet was i budging one inch. What if they had decided to attack my Mum??? Noooooo way was that happening.. i decided I was staying firmly planted between her and the enemy.. oops i mean the nice men from e-on. Dad got quite insistent and then it happened, a little growl slipped out... oops.
I quickly flopped my head on Mums knee and did my best doe eyes at her, followed up by a swift lick to Dads hand. Dad quickly realised that I was only protesting because i felt i needed to protect Mum and so I think i got away with it... phew!!!
I'm still following Mum & Dad everywhere like a lost lamb at the moment. I'm just still a little insecure and afraid that they are going to leave me or take me back to the kennels. I was well looked after at the kennels, its not like it was a horrible place to be, but i so desperatley want to be a part of my new family forever. Mum and Dad spend lots of time reassuring me that I am here to stay and that this is my forever home, I guess with time I will realise that and my insecurities will slip away.. but psssst between me and you... i quite like the attention i get when i play the part of the little lost sheep.. so i may keep this act up for a while yet!!
Don't tell the oldies I said that though ;)

Ben xxxx

Ducks!!! What the....??????

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Here I am enjoying a walk along the riverside. Its my first full day with my new family.

So.. there we are, strolling along when all of a sudden this black creature with a big yellow flapping mouth lands on the path in front of us!!
I gave Mum the.. "ooookay... and what in the name of pedigree chum is THAT!!!" look and skidded to a rather sharpish halt!
Mum, for some reason, found this very funny! Before she had recovered from her hysteria enough to explain what the wierd creature was, it had pottered off into the water, not in the least bit interested in me apparently (How rude!!)

Mum eventually recovered and explained to me that it was a Duck! Hmmm ... noisy little beggars ... still not quite sure what I think of it! I think Mum thought I was a big scaredy cat.. hmmmph!! and so would she be too if she had never seen one before! They are funny little creatures!

I got my own back on Mum though, went up a muddy bank a tad too fast for her and .. lets just say she came home with rather muddy jeans.. hahahaha!!

Mum, Dad and the kids have bought me lots of toys! I'm a little embarassed to confess this .. but.. i don't know how to play! I've never had a ball or a toy before, so I just don't understand what they want me to do with them.

Dad says he is going to teach me, and that once I learn i will love to play. Thats a story for another day though. Now its bedtime and there are bedtime kisses and cuddles to be had.. so i'm off!!

Catch you all later.

Ben xxx

New Beginnings

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Here I am in my bed, the first night in my new home. It took us almost three hours to get home from the kennels so we had a quick walk to show me some of the local sights and then i tumbled into bed, exhausted but happy. Mum says I snore!!

Painful Past

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My original owner was homeless, I have no doubt that he loved me but life was no picnic. Then we moved to his girlfriends house, for a while it seemed life was getting rosier, but in fact life was about to get very much worse.On New Years Eve 2007 they got into a terrible argument, in the midst of their fight she unmuzzled her dog and set it upon me. I sustained terrible injuries to my head, neck and back.My owner found himself sitting outside the PDSA, once again homeless, no money, no proof of benefits and seemingly no way to help me.An angel from the charity Pawz For Thought arrived. She got me the veterinary treatment I so desperatley needed, found me somewhere warm and safe to recover in and vowed to find me a real home. Now clearly this lady has a name, but to me she was just an angel and i was soon to discover that she wasn't alone, another angel from Pawz put some pictures of me, along with my story on their internet site in the hope that someone would offer me a permanent and loving home, another angel volunteered to walk me daily and assess me so the *right* home could be found. There are far too many angels to mention, but the important thing that you all need to know is that all of these angels do what they do out of a genuine love and concern for animals. They do not get paid a penny. Every phone call they make, every drop of petrol they use is paid for out of their own pockets. I found out that many of them do this in addition to working full time, caring for their own pets plus many "foster" animals and of course their own families. Now maybe you understand why I refer to them as "Angels".
So as you can see, my life had not been an easy one, my story is a sad one, but it has a happy ending. On Saturday 26th January I travelled to my forever home. I have a brand new family who have opened their hearts and their home to me. I have love, affection, security and all the luxury a dog could wish for. It's early days and my journey is only just beginning but through this blog my story can continue and I can share my adventures... from rescue to love.
Ben x

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