Monday, 8 December 2008

Oh My!!!

Will the torture ever end??????????

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Friday, 5 December 2008


Well at least she didn't paint my nose red!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Apologies and Explanations

Hi all,

Bens Mum here hijacking the blog for one post only. I decided I should make this post since this post is all about apologising and it is I that owes you all an apology and not Ben.
Those of you who visit Khyra may already know the reasons behind our absence but i shall explain for those that may not know.

Our wonderful Grandma passed away, finally pain free and reunited with Grandad who she missed so dearly. Our hearts are broken and our spirits low and we needed time to digest our loss and spend time with other family members and support them through their grief also. I hope you understand that whilst we love and have missed each and every one of you, the time away was very much needed.

Firstly I would like to apologise for being a terrible secretary and blatantly ignoring Ben's blog for far too long, I have had my reasons and they are very valid ones but I apologise that I didn't post and explain that Ben would be MIA for a while.
Secondly I would like to apologise for anyone (and i'm sure this applies to only one person) who is waiting for their DWB What it Means To Me submission to be posted. I will be getting caught up there very soon.
Thirdly I am truly truly sorry that in all the chaos I appear to have missed the final post for air-mail which means that aside from the ones i already had mailing address' for the majority of you may receive e-cards rather than snail mail. I feel truly truly terrible about this, especially since Ben has already received an abundance of beautiful cards but unfortunatley this is the only way to get greetings to you in time for the holidays. So please email me birthday dates and i promise that i will make it up to each and every one of you.

I would also like to apologise publicly to the Three Musketeers and to the lovely Blue, both of whom sent Ben wonderful parcels that I have not yet posted about

and I would like to thank the very beautiful Khyra and her wonderful Mom for taking the time to post of my whereabouts but also for their friendship and support. To Joey and Tanner, Rocky and everyone else who took the time to email just because you care and to apologise to you all for not being around and not always replying. Your friendship and support is so very valuable.. more than you could know.

I promise to get my mind back on secretarial duties and allow Ben to visit you all very soon. We love you all.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Update on Meg

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the very sad news that Meg's body has been recovered today.
Yesterday Lisa asked that Meg give a visual on her location via the communicators, the communicator relayed that Meg was in a corner of a sunny field playing with the kittens and Dragonflys.
Earlier that day in a field close to where the communicators had suggested Meg may be located a searcher had commented on the huge Dragonflys that were around, a comment made because in the bitter cold weather they should have been long gone.
So when the reference was made to Meg playing with kittens and dragonflys.. although it was against all the hope those involved in searching for her held, the mood turned from hope of finding Meg alive, to one of a desperate desire to locate Megs body and bring her home, it was clear to those who loved Meg and believed in the communicators that Meg had gone to the bridge.
Sadly, today, Megs communication of her whereabouts was confirmed. She is indeed running free in sunny fields playing with the kittens and dragonflies.

Run free at the bridge sweet Meg, free from pain and safe from harm.

To the countless number of people who gave up their time to search for Meg in truly awful conditions.. you are angels. To those that prayed for her safe return and kept Meg in their hearts THANK YOU. To all at GAP who cherished and loved this little girl and worked so hard to find her our deepest and heartfelt condolences. You showed the true spirit of Dog Rescue.. Meg may have been adopted but she was still YOUR girl, still in your hearts and her welfare and safety was still important. We salute you, you are wonderful.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Calling all bloggers in the SO40 area

Urgent plea to anyone living/working in the SO40 (UK) District of Southampton.

Meg is missing she is microchipped to Greyhound Gap and the name on her chip details is MAGIC. She is a 4 year old black and white greyhound girl and is spayed.

She went missing around 5pm on Friday 24th October in the Ashurst area of the New Forest (UK) on a walk.

Meg is wearing a pink collar material martingale, red muzzle and is tagged.

Please contact Lisa at Greyhound Gap on 01782 544728 or 07917422489.

The rescuers have been working with two independant animal communicators and so far they have both been spot on. The information they are giving now is that her tummy is hurting she is sleeping comatose and her priorities are changing.
If anyone can go and help please please do. Alisa knows the area that needs searching and the postcode to the car park is SO40 7AR. Alisas mobile number is 07961069567

The search will be called off at loss of daylight, but (so far) today has yielded no signs of Meg. If you can assist the search team tomorrow PLEASE PLEASE contact one of the above numbers for instructions and directions.
Meg is muzzled and conditions at nightfall are getting colder day by day.

I will update this post with any further information I get.

For those (like me) who are too far away to help with the search, please keep Meg in your thoughts and prayers, lots of Puppy Zen needed here buddys!

Ben xxxx

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

LeeLou's Launch Party

My new blog design was created by the very talented LeeLou, she is relaunching and is once again taking orders for customised blog headers and designs, check her out she does some great designs!


Mum didn't get the camera out on Sunday as threatened, it was raining most of the day and all in all miserable out. She did however get some halloween costumes for me.. and she thinks (and I stress the *thinks* here) that she will get me in a few of them later for a photo shoot.. I of course have other ideas!!
The beans are on holiday for a week so we are planning on getting the house decorations up soon too. It's my first Halloween with my family so I am really excited! It seems to be a lot of hard work for Mum though!! I heard the beans say something about treats, I'm always up for anything where treats are involved!!

Sorry we are still not getting to everyones blogs, these beans keep Mum busier than I anticipated!!

Ben xxxx

Saturday, 25 October 2008

At Last....

Finally I get to blog!!

Apologies to all for our absence and my haphazard blog visiting this week. Mum has been sick and it was the beans last week at school before they broke up for the week.
Mum is feeling much better now and so has promised me that we can catch up on everyones blogs very soon. She is also threatning to get the camera out tomorrow and take some new pictures of me.. thats fine as long as she is not expecting me to co-operate!
Mum has most of the addresses for the Grand Prize Draw winners and will be making a trip to the Post Office to mail out the prizes next week sometime. She honestly meant to go last week but sickness prevented her from doing pretty much anything but whine about how sick she felt!
So I'll keep this short and sweet for today...don't want to wear the secretary out!

Miss you all, we will be over to see you soon!

Love and Tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I share a star sign with my Mum.. so I thought it would be fun to check out what the starsigns say for an Aquarius Dog!


The Aquarius dog can be weird and wacky. His tastes are not always what you might expect of a canine. His interests are as diverse and wonderful as they are offbeat and unusual.
Aquarius dogs are known to 'bite back'. Don't push them too hard, they are well aware of their limits and play is not always on the agenda.

Aquarius dog likes time alone as much as the time they spend with you. Occasionally grumpy and always studying your next move with intent to 'out-think' you. A complex but ultimately lovable character.

hmmm so tell me.. does this sound like me?

so following on from that I decided to check out my horror-scope to see what is in store for me this week ..


Antagonistic neighbours or visitors are so annoying you're propelled to start communicating a bad attitude at the wrong time. Given the choice would you want to fall into an altercation with someone bigger and stronger than yourself? If the answer is no, you're under advisement to appear as respectful as possible when you encounter one. Letting your companions know you're present is one thing, but stepping on their toes is another; restrain yourself and avoid getting a telling off.

none of the neighbourhood furrys are bigger or stronger than me.. so.. I guess thats the green light to go right ahead and steam into that altercation!... If only I wasn't too busy napping!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Goodies Galore

Finally Mum agreed to help me paw the photos and recipes for Saturdays Goodie Fest!

First we made Stinky Salmon Cookies, this is a recipe we snagged from Sherman a while back and they are now a firm favourite in this house.

So first you will need:

1 cup of rolled oats
1 cup of grated cheese
2 eggs
can of salmon with juice
2 shakes of garlic powder

(we doubled up on this recipe because my beans love these too and so we made sure there was plenty stinky goodness to go round)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Cover cookie sheet with foil and spray on a little non-stick spray.

ok.. now dump all the ingredients into a bowl like so..

then give it all a good smooshing around like so...

Once it is well and truly smooshed, dump it all onto your cookie sheet and press flat into a thin layer about 1/4 inch thick, add a little more grated cheese on top if you wish

Now throw it in that oven and wait for 25 horribly long minutes till it is ready.
Once the 25 minutes have crawled by.. remove from oven and cool (yet more horrible waiting) then cut into manly sized chunks like so..

and now for those most important bit.. this bit is crucial..

feed the dog the tasty goodness for approval!

Mmmmm Stinky Salmon Goodness!!

Next we made Milk Biscuits

now for these you will need:

3/4 cup hot water
1/3 cup margarine
1/2 cup powdered milk
1 tsp salt
1 egg (beaten)
3 cups of whole wheat flour

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Grease a couple of cookie trays

In a large bowl...

pour hot water over margarine
stir in powdered milk, salt and egg
add flour 1/2 cup at a time to form a dough like this..

knead the dough for a few minutes till it is nice and soft then pat or roll out to about 1/2 inch thick.
Cut into shapes (we usually go for bones but went for something different this time) can you guess what shapes we had cut out?

Bake your cookies for 50 (VERY LONG) minutes then turn out and allow to cool and tell your furry friend several times that NO they are not ready yet!

They will dry out quite hard and this recipe makes about 1 and 1/4 lb of cookies!!

batch number 1..

Cookie Mailmen and Turtle!

Why a turtle I hear you cry!!

well actually it was LOTS of Turtles..

and they were in honour of Tadpole and Figs Mom's birthday.. seems she likes the Turtle Creatures!

and don't forget the all important furry friend taste test

Mmmm num num num!!

Oh and this is the Peanut Bread that I got to sample.. smothered in Peanut Butter!! I ate that too fast for photographic example though!!

If you want the recipe for the Peanut Bread or for the Peanut Butter Pops.. (which Mum forgot to photograph!! though they are on my blog elsewhere) then just holler!

Ben xxxx

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ratchet is safe and Thank you for your support.

Thank you to all who signed the petition for Ratchet, he is now en-route to Kuwait and is due in Minnesota later this week, you can read the whole story HERE.

Secondly a huge THANK YOU to all who supported my week long fundraiser for Nowzad Dogs. If you participated by displaying a Nowzad Button or by Donating to Nowzad then please help yourselves to one of the images below, your support and generosity was very much appreciated.

Check out this great opportunity to own this fantastic pastel portrait of Nowzad by Sarah Gough, and a chance of a 2nd place prize of an oil painting portrait of your pet (unframed), that she will paint from photo's you supply.

Tickets are just £1 ($2) each and all the money raised will specifically support the current ongoing rescues of dogs that have adopted Servicemen and women in Afghanistan like ARNHEM.

Competition will close when all 2000 tickets are sold.

Sorry I haven't got around anyones blogs today or posted photos/recipes of my yummys. Mum has been a lazy mare.. I have no other excuse! Still, I guess she is entitled to a day off now and again!

Love and Tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mum is a DOOFUS!!

Mum is fiddling with my blog.. and has managed to lose my entire list of blogging buddys!! I told her to leave well alone.. but would she listen?? Noooooo!

Stick to the kitchen woman!

So it may take a couple of days (I'm an optimist!)for me to hunt you all down! If I don't swing by your blog in the next couple of days, it's because I'm still looking for you! (Thanks to the DOOFUS formerly known as Mum)
Luckily we have a notepad saved with most of your linkys on from when I started using the blogger gadget to see when you all updated. Anyone who I added in the last three weeks .. well I'm hunting for you as we speak!

On a more positive note, Mum has been baking up a storm (between screwing up my blog) so I will post piccys and recipes later!

Ben xxxx

Friday, 17 October 2008

We called a truce!

Well after the earlier humiliation Ive forgiven Mum.. I know what you are all thinking.. how could I forgive something so awful?

Well it was simple really she promised to make me Stinky Salmon Cookies, Peanut Butter Pops, and Cheesy Puff Cakes.. so I decided to see the funny side of her prank and forgave her.

For those that wondered, no thats not my howl-a-ween outfit, It's the eldest beans, I doubt very much I will be wearing anything but my good looks at howl-a-ween.

As I type there is Peanut Bread baking.. and Mum has promised that when it is ready she will let me have a little bit.. so all is tranquil in the Rotti's house again.

Thank you to everyone who offered to come rescue me, you are the sweetest bunch!!

If you donated to Nowzad Dogs during my fundraiser please check HERE to see if you are one of the Grand Prize Draw winners as several of the prizes are still unclaimed. For those of you that have already claimed your prize Mum will be posting them out early next week, she has been holding out for the rest of the prizes to be claimed as she was hoping to do all the posting in one trip (because a) she is lazy and b) there is usually a queue about 100 miles long in the post office!)

Ben xxxx

Help Me!! ... I'm Abused!

This is a plea for everypups help.. I need rescuing.. can anyone please rescue me from this blatant abuse..

prepare yourselves..


WTF... You have GOT to be freakin kidding me MUM!!

Is this your idea of a sick joke?? Dresses are for GIRLS!! Is this the best you could come up with!

You better get this thing off me right NOW!!!!!

Thats it.. the straw that broke the camels back (or the dress!!) I'm officially placing myself up for adoption with any family that won't feel the need to humiliate me for their amusement.. Auntie Liz.. COME GET ME!!!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Letter T

The Letter Game looked like a fun game to play so I asked Lady Kaos for a letter and she gave me the letter T

So now I have to list ten things I Love that start with the letter T.. so here goes..

1. The Beans

See how happy I am when I am with them?? Oh how I LOVE my Beans. They love me, play with me, bake me treats, snuggle with me on the couch, bed, floor.. just about anywhere! They sing to me, play hide and seek with me and just make my world a VERY happy place!

2. Time for napping with the Secretary (AKA Mum)

Oh I know I moan about her, but Nap Times with Mum are the BEST!! She squeezes into the tiny space I leave for her on the couch and snuggles right in, It's like having my own personal hot water bottle.. and she doesn't snore!!

3. Trucks..

well more specifically Landys.. especially MINE!! I don't care who claims ownership.. the keyword here is MINE!!

4. Trial Bikes

Whats not to love?? Even though Dad and the Bean won't let me ride theirs I still love them because I get to chase Dad and the Bean all over the woods and there is mud and critters to seek out and sniff and hills to run up and down and, more often than not, the day involves Mum falling down a hill into a big pile of mud (in her capacity of photographer she doesn't actually share our love of bikes!!) and spouting expletives whilst getting laughed at! .. makes for a fun day out all round!

5. Tennis Balls

Of the several thousand I have not one is in a state that is recognisable as a tennis ball.. due to me chewing them within an inch of their life!! They also provide the added entertainment of regularly sending Mum into a heap on the floor, everyone else in the house can see them and avoid stepping on them.. Mum is "Tennis Ball Blind" so leaving them at the top of the stairs or some equally perilous place is very entertaining!

6. Toast

I'm just gonna say YUM! no further explanation should be necessary on this one!

7. T Towels

These are multi functional fun towels.. or T-Towels as they are more commonly known as in my part of the world.. they are great for a game of tug of war.. even better if they happen to be draped over Mum's shoulder at the time.. "Why are you on the floor again Mum??"

8. Treats

Who doesn't love Treats! I especially love the yummys that Mum and the Beans homebake for me.

9. Teeth

I love my fearsome Teeth! They are especially good for convincing Mum to have a nap with me!

and last but most certainly not least I love..

10. Tanner

He may well be a Doofus (What?? Joey said it!!) but I love him anyway, he makes me howl with laughter! Of course we love Joey and ALL of you guys and gals too... but Tanner has the advantage of his name starting with a T!

If any of you would like a letter so you can play the Letter game just let me know!

That was fun!!

Ben xxxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Last night Mum made a fatal mistake when clearing up after cooking dinner, she didn't move the bag of grated cheese fast enough...

She also wasn't fast enough to react to the suspicious rustling noise coming from the kitchen

end result?

empty bag of cheese and a severe ticking off for me for counter surfing (again!)

do I look suitably sorry?

What?? It wasn't for me??

I'm sure I heard you say Help Yourself!

Sorry, I promise to never do it again (till next time)

Monday, 13 October 2008

Mooching Monday

The very beautiful Khyra does a wonderful weekly post called Walking Wednesday where we can all swoon and gaze upon her beauty via the magic of video, so in her honour I present to you Mooching Monday..

(please accept my apologies for the utter incompetence of my human to control me and a camera simultaneously! Really, it's appalling.. she needs some serious practice!)

NowzadDogs Fundraiser Grand Prize Draw

Mum has all the names eligible for the Grand Prize Draw and the Grand Total Raised so we are now able to announce the lucky winners. Because the majority of information we have is your pawents names and e-mail address' for the reasons of privacy we did not hold a video draw.

The following 8 runners up will each receive a Nowzad Supporter Bandana

Samantha S
Susan V
Rosemary B
Karen K
Rhonda J
Amy K
Bryan K

Congratulations, please e-mail me (from the e-mail address you used to donate) with your postal address so we can get your prize out to you.

and the two Grand Prize winners below each win a Boxed set of British Force Goodies, comprising of a Watch, Torch, Wallet and Pen in camouflage design

Bev T
Angela P

Congratulations, please e-mail me your postal address (from the e-mail you used to donate) and I will get your prize right out to you. Since I have no idea (with the exception of Gucci) which pups belong to these two leggeds then I can't visit your blogs to let you know you have won!

We double checked and there are no duplicate names with the same surname initial so you should all know who you are!!

a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all who donated and all who participated and made this fundraiser such a huge success. A grand total of £500 was raised ($847.30)

I'll be back a little later with Mooching Monday.. my Mums rubbish attempt at filming me taking a walk!

Ben xxxx

Sunday, 12 October 2008


Hi everypup,

Kai over at the Zoo Crew is not doing too good at the moment, If you get the chance please pop over and show your support, his Mom is so upset and I'm sure she could use the DWB circle of support right now. Please keep him in your prayers.

Ben xxx

Saturday, 11 October 2008

7 x 7

Lady Kaos has tagged me to do this, so here goes!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Get a fur brother or sister (hint hint Mum!)
2. Get my own couch that no-one minds me drooling/shedding/tending to my privates on
3. Taste chocolate and see if it tastes as good as it smells!
4. Ban school and work so all the two leggeds get to stay at home with me everyday
5. Get my own lake
6. Travel the world and visit all my friends
7. Marry a certain fluffy tailed beauty and have hundreds of beautiful fur kids (which may prove difficult since the vet stripped me of some necessary parts!)

7 Things I Do Now

1. Poop all over the garden as soon as i get back from a long walk
2. Spend 70% of the day napping
3. Follow Mum around as if there is an umbilical cord attaching us
4. Attack Dad as if he has been gone for three weeks everytime he comes home (yes even if he has only been gone for 5 minutes)
5. Lay on the newspaper when Mum is trying to read it
6. Get in bed with the beans and snuggle them back to sleep when I am supposed to be waking them up
7. Dream about marrying a certain fluffy tailed beauty

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Type (its the lack of thumbs!)
2. Drive (but its still MY Landrover)
3. Eat Chocolate (grrrr Mum)
4. Go 2 hours without a nap.. really.. why would I?
5. Be graceful (I'm big and clumsy and strangely proud of it!)
6. Go to school with the beans (apparently no dogs are allowed.. what kind of place is that!!??)
7. Get a fluffy tailed beauty out of my mind!!

7 Things That Atract Me to The Opposite Sex

1. Fluffy Tail!!! (bet you didn't know that was coming!!)
2. Gorgeous Smile
3. Rebel Qualities
4. Kind Heart
5. Beautiful Eyes
6. Beautiful Soul
7. Nice fluffy belly to rub

7 Things I say Most Often

1. Its Nap Time
2. do I have to get up?
3. you want me to get off the couch??
4. yeah, yeah, yeah..I'm shedding.. did you not notice i am a D_O_G!!
5. Its Mine!!
6. I drooled on it, can i have it now?
7. i like to poop in MY garden.. ok!

7 Celebrities That I Admire

1. Nowzad and Tali
2. Jim Morrison (he sang great songs and Mum says that when he was alive he was a rebel just like me!!)
3. Will Smith - because he is cool and has 4 rottweilers too!
4. Whoever Invented Rope Frisbees
5. Good Dog Carl
6. Snot (the rottie that starred in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)
7. Joss Stone who has a beautiful voice and who has a rottie caled Missy and a poodle called Dusty!

7 Who Get to do this now
1. anyone
2. who
3. didn't
4. yet
5. and
6. would
7. like to

and a quick update on Ratchet. If you didn't already sign the petition to try and save this little fella you can do so HERE

Friday, 10 October 2008

Lots to do....

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't been around everyone's blogs as frequently as usual. Mum has been a little busy and we are still in post-fundraiser recovery. For those that asked I will be posting a final total raised next week when I announce the Grand Prize Draw winners.

There are 10 prizes in total and any donations received up to midnight GMT Sunday 12th October (using the special donation button on the NowzadDogs homepage) will qualify for entry into the draw.

This is for the AO4 .. who would like us all to click daily and vote for the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue for a chance to win them $25,000 to help continue the fantastic work they do.

here is all you have to do - CLICK HERE! Once there, scroll down a bit. Under Search and Vote for a Shelter, please enter MaPaw for the name, USA for country, and PA as the state. Then click and cast your vote! (You may be asked to confirm your vote after that.)

That's it - just click! You can vote once a day, every day, from now until December 14th. (It will even save your info to make it easier for you to vote the next day!)
Please click daily and help Sibes in Need

Don't forget to e-mail your submissions to either myself or Lady Kaos for the DWB What it Means to Me Blog and have a guess at what date the 1000th member joins DWB to win a great prize.

Also Chef and Abby are now accepting submissions for the Autobiography Week and those will be published on the 20th October.

If you didn't already then please run along and sign the petition for Clemency For Ratchet (see previous post for details)

and don't forget to sign up for this years DWB Holiday Card Exchange, and while we are on the subject.. if you could be so kind as to save your postage stamps this year then they can also raise much needed funds for Nowzad Dogs.
Just make sure the stamps have a small piece of the envelope around them as a border. To make life easier, please wait until you have a large pile of used stamps before sending them. "Nowzad Dogs, PO Box 193, Exmouth, EX8 3WU, United Kingdom".

phew.. thats an awful lot of things to remember.. and it reminded me to paw at the secretary to work on my own submission for Autobiography week!
I think I have broken some kind of record in not talking about myself for a considerable length of time! Normal vain (all about ME ME ME) blogging will resume shortly!

Ben xxxx

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Plea For Clemency

Hi Everypup,

I have a small favour to ask you all. I know it is all I seem to do at the moment but it really will just take a moment of your time.
Yesterday Gus, Louie and Callie posted a link to an article about a puppy called Ratchet who was due to be rescued from Iraq and brought to the US to be reunited with the servicewoman who had befriended and cared for him whilst serving there.Sadly her commanding officers seized Ratchet on his way to the Airport and there is a very real threat that he will be killed.
You can read the whole story HERE

I forwarded the link to Nowzad and today they have sent me the link for an online petition to appeal for clemency for Ratchet. You can sign the petition HERE

Thank you,


Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Hi all,

just a quick note to say that all the prizes have now been posted. Most were sent via airmail so should be with you quite quickly but a couple of the heavier ones have been sent via surface mail and so could take 6-8 weeks to arrive with you. Please accept my apologies for this but the cost of sending via airmail was so high that it exceeded the value of the prize even! Mum *thinks* that the surface mail ones were Rocky and Lorenza's .. but don't quote her on that as she has a memory like a sieve and is nowhere near as useful!

Thank you for the continued donations, all who donate will be automatically entered into the Grand Prize Draw.

Please note that winners will be announced via the name they donated from
for eg: You donate to paypal in the name of Fred Smith.. winner announcement Fred.S.
In some cases I only have an e-mail address so then it would be announced as follows..
You Donate using winner announcement: immafrootloop

If you would prefer to be announced via your pets name then please e-mail me the name of your pet from the e-mail address you used for the donation (So i can tie it up .. all I have is a list of names/e-mail addys and in some cases just an e-mail address)

No idea if any of that makes any sense at all, the secretary (aka Mum) has reverted to inane rambling due to over exertion.. she needs to take a leaf out of my book and take a nap!

Ben xxxx

Monday, 6 October 2008

Competition Numero Seven~O Results

Congratulations to the lucky winner! Please p-mail me your address and we will get your prizes off to you.. this is what you have won.

So that draws to its conclusion the NowzadDogs Fundraiser Week. Thank you to each and every one of you that participated, I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to check back next Mon/Tue for the announcement of the grand total raised and for the Grand Prize Draw. All who donated are automatically entered.

Now especially for the very beautiful Miss FluffyTail Khyra... as promised.. ME.. looking slightly worse for wear after Gucci's Party!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

MESSAGE FROM NOWZAD & Final Daily Competition.


Before we announce the final daily competition (we will get to that later in the post after this important stuff) we would like to share with you the following message that Nowzad and Tali have sent for everyone who has supported my Nowzad Fundraising Week..

Absolutely brilliant effort – a big thank you to Ben and all his friends in dog blog land – raising awareness of what Nowzad Dogs is all about through Ben’s blog is a super cool way of doing it. We are forever grateful and everyone’s contribution really is appreciated.

This is Arnhem who was smuggled to the Afghan rescue just last week – and this is his story

Arnhem the puppy

Arnhem was found on the 17th September 2008 (the 64th anniversary of the battle of Arnhem, hence the name) by the Pathfinder Platoon on Op Herrick 8. He was seen at the side of the road by a member of the passing patrol, looking very miserable and very poorly. The PF lads stopped, scooped him up and continued on their route back to Camp Bastion. As soon as they got back to Bastion the puppy was rushed over to the vet at the dog section who gave him an all-clear, but warned that he was very weak and vulnerable, having been separated from his mother at such a young age (approx. three and a half weeks old).
It was quickly decided by the blokes that he couldn’t be returned to the wild as he wouldn’t last five minutes without a parent to look after him and raise him, so he was smuggled into the accommodation pods and kept for one week in a cardboard box, regularly let out to sniff at and wrestle with stray socks and wash bags.
A makeshift kennel, pieced together from a hesco frame, cardboard and hessian was built for him and the lads contacted Nowzad Dogs, who had been lightning quick to offer their help in getting him home.
The lads were ecstatic that there was a way of getting him back to the UK, where one of the lads from the path finder platoon would take care of him.
Arnhem is a Labrador type dog (although you can never be sure with these Afghan cross-breeds), with blond fur, who enjoys chewing socks, sandals, feet...etc. He is very sociable and enjoys lending a paw when everyone is cleaning their weapons at the bottom of the compound. He is very popular and very photogenic, having posed with pretty much the entire Platoon for individual photos. Currently he is about five weeks old and lives on weetabix and milk, with meat gradually being introduced to his diet.
He would have died on the side of that road where he lay if the blokes hadn’t found him that day, and if it wasn’t for the Nowzad Dogs charity helping him get back to the UK then this sweet little puppy would have had no chance of a life fending for himself without a mum, in a country like this.


That message has made this week even more worthwhile to me, it highlights the importance of supporting the vital role that Nowzaddogs play in so many stories like this one. A very very worthy cause I am sure you will agree!

Don't forget that all who have made/ do make a donation to NowzadDogs have been/will be entered into the grand prize draw which will be drawn sometime after the 12th October. Any donations made up to and including the 12th October using the BenTheRotti Donation button on the Nowzad homepage will be eligible for entry.

Now onto our final daily competition, as it is the final one it will remain open until 3pm Monday 6th October and the winner will be drawn and announced once the beans get home from school. Usual entry rules apply.

Competition Numero Seven~O

How did Arnhem get his name?

you may enter via comments..

Good luck, and thank you from the bottom of my big rottie heart for supporting Nowzaddogs.

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Winner Announcement

The draw has taken place for Competition Numero Six~O (once again apologies for the lack of video today, we have been out most of the day and so were late making the draw.. so the beans are away in dreamland)

The lucky winner is.....



Congratulations Shelly! Please pmail us your postal address so we can post your prize out to you. Mum will have a scrabble in the prize chest tomorrow and find something really nice for you and we will edit this post to add a photograph.

Thank you all for entering and we will be back in a little while with a new competition and A Message from Nowzad and Tali

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Friday, 3 October 2008

Competition Numero Six~O


Ok so Mum finally stopped scrabbling around in the prize chest and found prizes for the last two winners, so now onto Competition Numero Six~O

Usual rules of entry apply and the competition will close at 7pm GMT on Saturday 4th.
Answers may be left as comments.

Good Luck!

What breed of dog was featured in the "Good Dog Carl" books.

Results for Competitions Numero Four~O AND Five~O

Hi folks,

well we are finally catching up and so here we are posting the results of competitions Four~O and Five~O. No beautiful me to gaze upon I'm afraid, I'm still raving it up at Gucci's party.. but thats another story

First Numero Four~O

Congratulations to the lucky winner! Please paw us your postal address so we can whisk whatever it is into the mail to you. Mum thought this was the pawfect prize for you.. i'm personally miffed since I REALLY wanted to have it myself.. my own mini Khyra! *sob*

and now onto the prize drawing for Competition Numero Five~O

(Please note that we will not be reading all of the entrants names out as we put them in the hat for this draw.. simply because there are over 20 and the bean is getting tired.. but we assure you that all who entered will be in the hat)

Congratulations!! Paw us your address so we can mail out your prize! and here is what you have won..

Now Lilli would like to do her bit to encourage you to support Nowzad Dogs.. she is a little shy and has not really said much.. but here is her personal contribution.. if you enjoy this (and you haven't already done so) then please go to the NowzadDogs Home Page and click that BenTheRotti Donate know you want to! You never know.. it may encourage her to do more guest appearances!

Thank you all for supporting Nowzad dogs! We will be back in a little while with photos of the winners loot and a brand new sparkly competition!

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