Saturday, 15 March 2008

The skinkid gets Arty.. and some great news....

I've noticed some of you getting all arts and crafty on your blogs, well my paws are far too big and clumsy.. but.. look what Mollie made for the school Easter Egg decorating competition.. not bad for a 9 year old huh?

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Great news from yesterday...

A little 9 year old girl.. Shannon Matthews... has been missing here in the UK since the 19th February, well yesterday when me and Mum were out on a walk Mum got a phone call telling her to watch the news..
Shannon has been found alive!! Mum was so happy that she cried!!

She was found hidden in the base of a divan bed in a flat less than a mile from where she disappeared. A 39 year old man has been arrested.

It's not often that stories like this have a happy ending, so little Shannon.. Welcome Home Poppet.

Ben xxxx

Thursday, 13 March 2008

friends, critters, gifts and napping...

Finally nudged Mum into doing her job and uploading some photo's to show you all..

In my last post I told you about some furry friends that Mum and Dad look after from time to time.. so I thought I would introduce them to you.

Firstly Jasper (or Ginger Furball as I prefer to call him)

The Ginger Furball is Grandma's Persian Cat. He makes Dad sneeze and itch, claws Mums hands to ribbons when she grooms in and thinks he is a scarf (he likes draping himself round Mum's neck and going to sleep) but despite all this Mum, Dad and the little beans love him to pieces (and Mum claims she is not a cat person!!.. the secrets out now Mum!!)

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kinda cute if you go for the ginger furry look!

Secondly Max

Max stayed with Mum & Dad when his Dad was away serving in Iraq and Afghanistan (and on various other occasions when Mum just *demanded* his presence!!)
Mum calls Max her surrogate son (so i guess that makes him my surrogate brother!). I can understand why she loves him, he is pretty handsome and a fairly cool dude.

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Handsome isn't he??

Now onto the critters I am forced to live with on a permanent basis...

Little H:

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Various mouth flapping critters:

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Now onto photos of Moi (what post would be complete without my mug shot??!!)

Especially for Pippa.. because he asked.. here is me with my duck (one of the gifts from Michaela)

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and here is me celebrating National Nap Day (slightly late.. but better late than never) and that one is for you Lady Kaos :)

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Ben xxxxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My beautiful bridge brother...

I have been wondering why Mum spends so much time over at Sherman's Place coo-ing over him... but suddenly all has become clear..

Take a look at this handsome boy..

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see a resemblance to anyone??

This is Ben (yes.. another Ben!!)

Ben was Mum & Dad's furry friend but sadly he went to the bridge on the 14th January 2006 when he was almost 16 years old.
Ben was a rescue doggy just like me and he was 8 months old when Mum brought him home.
He was Rottweiler X GSD and Mum says he was the most loving, faithful boy ever (Hey Mum... I'm getting there!!)
Mum and Dad were so sad when Ben had to leave that they decided they didn't want another dog. They started to look after other peoples pets instead.

They looked after Max (Another Rottie) while his Dad was away serving in Iraq/Afghanistan and they looked after Jasper (A Red Persian Cat) while grandma went away on holidays.

Then in the New Year they were surfing the web looking for a memorial page they had set up for Ben and they clicked on a link to a forum where details of me and my sad story had been posted. This lead Mum to the Pawz For Thought site where she found out more about me. Dad says that Mum kept going back to the site and after a few days she decided to make contact with the charity and find out more. They sent Mum a questionaire and initially Mum tried to ignore it, but after a few days Mum filled it in and sent it off, a little while later a lady from the charity called Mum and they spoke about me for a while. The more Mum heard the more her heart tugged and eventually she and Dad decided that they would do everything they could to give me a home.

the rest is history as they say .. but

Mum has this notion that fate (and Ben) led her to me that day, If the charity hadn't named me Ben then Mum would never have stumbled across my details, If Mum's laptop had been plugged in that Day she wouldn't have been googling to find Ben's site as it is in her favourites on her laptop... and so on.
Apparently I share many little quirks with my bridge brother and namesake and Mum says that in many ways I heal her heart.

Mum told me today that only a VERY VERY VERY special dog could have made her change her mind about having another dog for keeps.

so that makes me.... VERY VERY VERY special!!

Ben xxxxxxx

Monday, 10 March 2008

wow.. it's been almost a week!!

It seems I have been a bit of a slacker, it's been almost a week since my last post!!

I would like to say that I have been busy with my new girlfriend, but sadly that isn't the case, in all honesty I have just been busy reading everyone else's blogs and neglecting my own!

Mum & Dad are having the garden walls re-built so I thought I had a golden opportunity to take myself off for a spot of touring the neighbourhood, I was quite excited when I heard Mum telling Dad that the builders had knocked down the walls. I ran outside and straight into a......

8ft steel wall!!!

seems they anticipated my reaction to no walls and had a security plan put in place...

booooo.. spoilsports!!

I've made friends with the builders, even the one that initially said he was terrified of dogs.. I soon won him over with my big brown eyes, now he can't resist saying hello and giving my ears a rub! Mum says it's my doggy charms hehehe

No builders today though as the weather here has been horrible...

rain, rain and more rain with wind so fast it pins my ears to my head.. oh and did i mention the rain!!

Now the rain isn't nice but I can just about put up with it.. but wind!! Oh thats an entirely different story!! I really don't like the wind. The strange noises, the odd things blowing around and landing on me *shudder*. There is nothing pleasant about wind, it is either blowing in my face and making my ears stick to the side of my face and my mouth stretch into a demented grin or blowing up my my backside!! (most unpleasant) so i decided that I didn't really care much for going for any of my walks today.. Mum didn't share the opinion though and insisted that I was going whether I liked it or not!! Now I love my Mum... really I do.. but what is wrong with her???? It's wet, It's cold and it's WINDY... staying at home where it's warm and cosy is SO much nicer.. but nooooooo the woman is a maniac.. and an insistent maniac at that!! So I'm feeling rather peeved with her today... and everytime she drags me out I shake all over her on our return just so she knows I'm not pleased about being dragged out in a STORM!!!

anyway.. rant over.. I'll get over it i'm sure!

Ben xxxx

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Pressies Galore

I had a visitor today, a very special visitor.

It was the first time I had met the lady that visited me, but she is VERY special to me because she helped me get my forever home and my new family.
Michaela was the lady who did a homecheck to make sure that my new home was suitable and that my new family were the kind of people that would look after me, so it was REALLY REALLY nice to finally meet her.
I got lots of fusses and presents!!
Michaela brought me a gorgeous cuddly yellow duck with rope feet and a rope neck and a squeaky tummy, some pet wipes to keep me nice and clean and a HUGE bag full of lots of yummy treats!! She made a huge fuss of me and made me feel really special.

Michaela and Mum went out for coffee then, honestly Mum.. any excuse to feed your Latte addiction!! I was perfectly content to stay home with my new toy.. speaking of which...

time to go throw the little duck around a little more :)

later folks

Ben xxxx