Saturday, 28 February 2009

Khyra Floooof and More

Well I promised to enlighten you as to how I managed to get my paws on a substantial amount of Khyra Flooof.

Last week a parcel arrived.. for me!

Mum made me wait till she got back from collecting the beans from school to open it, I was beside myself with excitement, a very familiar, very yummy smell was emanating from the box.. the smell of gorgeousness!!

When Mum and the beans got home I was finally allowed to open it up

oooohhh thats MY name!

Theres MY girl!!

Mmmmm a HUGE bag of Khyra Floooof! Hubba Hubba aroooooo!!

Oh my dogness! Not one.. but TWO mini Khyras!!

A miniture version of me wrapped in fairy lights!!

and three little jittery critters for my furry relative GJ

Time for another snooter full of flooof!

I better check out the Critters for GJ.. just in case, ya know!

Behold my "Dog that got the Floooof" face.. I walked round with that grin on my face for quite some time.. it comes back everytime I revisit my bag of floof for a top up Khyra boost

Thank you beWOOtiful Khyra and her equally beWOOtiful Mom, you made me one very happy dog! Photo's of GJ enjoying his Critter gifts here

I know that Bogart and his family are very much on all of our minds right now and last night Mum was listening to some music and one song made her think of them all so we would like to share it with you and dedicate it to Klaus, Lulu and Bogart and all who love them. Get well soon Klaus, we love you.

Ben xxxxx

Oh and (if you didn't already) please read Mum's Book Review for the book written by Pen from Nowzad Dogs and the details of how you can nominate Pen for the Dogs Trust Dog’s Best Friend Award 2009.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

*UPDATED* One Dog At A Time ~ Saving The Strays Of Helmand

A couple of weeks ago a copy of Pen's book "One Dog At A Time ~ Saving The Strays Of Helmand" arrived in the post.

We were soooo excited!! So I will now hand todays blog over to Mum who, as promised, will review the book and give you details of where you can purchase your very own copy!

So I settled down to read, book in one hand, cup of coffee in the other and box of chocolates at my side. The coffee went cold, the chocolates remained untouched, engrossed doesn't seem an adequate word.. I couldn't put this book down!
You don't need much imagination when reading this book, from the very start you feel you are on a journey with Pen.
The book begins in the weeks before his deployment to Afghanistan. His thoughts, fears emotions and expectations. By the time you have got to the part where he leaves his wife Lisa and their dogs Fizz and Beamer to begin his tour of duty you are sharing every raw emotion and every fear with him... no really.. by the time Pen arrives at the outpost in Nowzad you can literally feel the searing heat, the dust that clings to everything and you will be swatting away imaginary flies!
His first encounter with Nowzad at a dog fight, his fury at the senseless cruelty of it, his frustration as a dog lover will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion.
Nowzads arrival in camp some days later seems almost like fate, battered, wrapped in wire, his ears and tail cruelly cut off (to make him a better fighting dog) this dog had absolutely no reason to trust humankind, no reason to believe that anyone of the two legged variety would show him anything but abuse and cruelty. Temporarily placated with a sausage he was warily released from the wire, possibly the first act of kindness he had ever been afforded. Here in the book is where you may want to pause and arm yourself with a stock supply of kleenex, you are about to embark on an incredible journey, The subsequent bond which forms between these two unlikely friends is a journey I wouldn't want to miss and nor should you. It's ups and downs, the arrival of several more impromptu "rescue" dogs each of which this burly Royal Marine just couldn't turn his back on is captivating. The struggle to get the dogs to safety, the red tape and lack of communication with the outside world will leave you hanging off your seat, the failed attempts, the ticking clock as time runs out will have you chewing your fingernails down to nothing!
I have laughed, I have cried, I have felt frustration, disbelief and have held my breath till I needed to be reminded to breathe!
If I thought I knew the Nowzad story I was wrong, If I thought I was about to read a book where I knew the beginning and end I was wrong. The story is so much more than that of a dog loving marine who couldn't walk away. This is a story of love, fear, compassion, grief, determination and courage.
I won't spoil the book for anyone wishing to read it by giving away any more of the content, but I will sum it up by saying that the book is A MUST READ!
It is brilliantly written, the honesty and emotion is breathtaking and when you come to the end of the last page you will wish there was more.

Whether you are a dog lover, have loved ones serving in Afghanistan or just love a good story then this book is FOR YOU!


The book can be purchased via Amazon HERE

or directly from the Nowzad Dogs Website (where you can also pay by cheque) HERE

Okay now back to me, it's my blog after all!!

We have nominated Pen for the Dogs Trust Dog’s Best Friend Award 2009. The award is For a special human who has gone that extra mile for dogs, through fundraising, rescuing, or rehoming abandoned dogs. We think Pen truly deserves the title. If you wish to nominate Pen you can do so HERE
Lets show him how the four leggeds of this world appreciate his hard work and compassion.

Ben xxxx

PeeeeS: Especially for Miss Fluffy Tail Khyra (See I DO love you and I DO listen to you) a little photo of me enjoying a big ole handful of.....


hubba hubba!!!!! (More piccies to come and the story of how I came to be in possesion of such a wonderful amount of Khyra Goodness amongst other things!! Very Soon!!!)

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Auntie Lynne! What did you do????

Auntie Lynne! What did you do?

Telling Mum to go look at these pictures:

Taylor & Evo


has turned her into a pool of smushiness!! She keeps going back and looking again...and again...and again!!!

Oh my!! She is totally smitten! with all 3!!!

These three beautiful pups are all awaiting adoption at Pawz For Thought and if she could Mum would race down there ninja style and kidnap them ALL!!!

Hey I don't think I would be complaining! They look like a cool bunch! Tyler and Evo look like they would be lot's of fun and Millie looks like she would be a VERY cute little sister!

Hey I just had a thought! She is called Millie... now that is a combination of Mollie and Lilli!!! It's almost MEANT TO BE!!

Maybe if I put really sad puppy eyes on and refuse to eat... do you think that would make Dad think it was a good idea? (lets face it, we don't have to convince Mum!)

I'm going to go practice being sad in my basket for a while now!

Ben xxxx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm back...

I'm back... finally!

Ive sulked, begged, pleaded, pined, whined and made threats. All (up to now) to no avail.
The secretary is pitifully useless and anyone wishing to apply for the post PLEASE DO!! I would have sacked her but for the very important point that no-one was knocking her out of the way to take the job!
Anyhow, I have LOTS of catching up to do, LOTS of thank you's to say, LOTS of gazing at beautiful girls (Khyra... sigh) and... oh soooo much to do!

Its blowing a real blizzard outside and the secretary claims to be tired from chasing me around in the snow all day (someone should explain to her the difference between "chasing" and "plodding along after") so for today I will herald my return with a little footage of the days frolics and do the real catching up in my next post.