Sunday, 6 December 2009

Peek A Boo



Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hello all

Hi all,

just a quickie to let you know that me, the fuzzbrat, the beans and all the family are fine.. Mum has had some kind of blogging breakdown, partially due (at least I'm blaming her) to the fuzzbrat and her exhausting antics. What she hasn't chewed isn't worth mentioning and she STILL needs to be constantly watched, which i figure is kind of exhausting!
I love you all and I miss you all a LOT but i'm not promising when I will be back on a full time basis as the secretary needs a little more time. Its taken me this long to get her to assist in this short post!
All is well and I promise to return ASAP with photos etc. (flashy box has been on overdrive lately)

Smooches, snooter rubs and kisses to all,

Ben xxxxxx

Friday, 3 April 2009

Poor Grandma

Hi all,

Grandma (Ginger Jasper's Mum)
is not feeling too good, she has a nasty virus that is making her feel really ill. If you are a visitor to GJ's blog he may be AWOL for a little while until Grandma is feeling better. I'm sure if we all go send some paw power and doggy zen to her we will have her fighting fit in no time.
Sorry I didn't post the photo's etc yet. Will get round to it real soon I promise.

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx (puppy kisses from the fuzzbrat xxx)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Can you see my halo??

Hi everypup,

can you see my halo?? is the glare from it blinding you?


well it should be, because according to Mum & Dad I am an ANGEL.. a perfectly behaved ANGEL!! (someone document that for future notation please!)

Why you ask?? well for one reason..


What has she done now?? I hear you cry! Well unfortunatley I don't have the time or bandwith to list every misdemeanour she is guilty of, but to give you a general idea I will list some of her more hilarious heinous crimes.

Firstly she has single handedly destroyed my entire toy collection! For 14 months I have been building up an awesome collection of balls, wubbas, kongs, tug ropes, stuffies, frisbees etc.. in all that time I have only ever destroyed my frisbees (and when I say destroyed I mean played with them and buried them until they were slightly bedraggled and dirty and therefore got replaced) In two weeks Millie has managed to rip/tear/marmalise/de-construct/murder/pulverise/shred/defile EVERY toy I own! Including my treasured HUGE Lobster and Crab that were last years Easter gifts, My purple Mr Monkey that was my homecoming gift and every single other toy I own! Mum did offer to replace them all for me.. but lets face it.. whats the point???

We all know about the shoe destruction.. well that hasn't eased up any, so every two legged in the house (including visitors) now has to de-shoe upon entering the house and lock their shoes in a cupboard - LITERALLY! As for slippers... well forget it.. she will try to eat them while they are wearing them (I kid you not) or destroy them the second they remove them from their feet.

So now we have two leggeds walking around the house bare footed (did I mention she tries to eat socks off their feet too??) Now bare footed two leggeds opens up a whole new world of entertainment for her.. the *lets place items that will be painful to stand on in their paths* kind of entertainment. So pine cones/sticks/rocks (to name but a few) are retrieved from her outdoor stash of torture equipment and strategically placed in just the right place, at just the right time to ensure at least one of the four 2 leggeds gets a painful surprise!

Now onto the counter surfing antics.. and again this is only the tip of the iceberg, (the actual full list of counter surfing incidents could run for several blog posts or more!!).
If Mum blinks (yes she is that fast) then Millie will have obtained something from the kitchen counters/dining table/any other surface in the house.. you name it she has stolen it, with the stealth of the invisible man and the speed of light!
Cookies/uncooked pizza/plastic bottles/kitchen utensils/sponges/rolls of foil etc etc .. if it is within her reach she will take it, if Mum is distracted for more than the blink of an eye then she will destroy it.

The Lilli Factor... poor Lilli seems to be bearing the brunt of the fuzzbrats mischief. Firstly the majority of footwear destroyed has been Lilli's. Today she pulled of the ultimate crime against her. Lilli came home from school clutching a little pot, hand decorated with wobbly eyes and a big smiley face and sprouting a wonderful head of Cress. Grown by her own fair hand at school. On arrival at home the pot was placed in (what so far has been) a fuzzbrat free zone. a place that even Mum has difficulty reaching! Within minutes the question was asked.. "where is my cress??" within a few seconds of the question being asked suspicious eyes were looking at the fuzzbrat. She lay (looking as innocent as a newborn) in the dining room with a "who me??" look on her face. For a second Mum questioned her sanity.. had she actually put it elsewhere, I mean the fuzzbrat looked so innocent.. no-one had seen her even move, there was no suspicious evidence to suggest mischief of any kind. Yup.. for a few blissful minutes Mum assumed that she was in fact losing her marbles.. that she has reached the age of forgetfullness and was full of hope that the lovingly reared pot of Cress was safe somewhere .. if only Mum could remember where that somewhere was! Her delusions were shattered a few minutes later when an empty mangled pot devoid of any contents was discovered in the garden. The Cress had indeed been subjected to the full Stealth Puppy Attack treatment.. how? when? these are questions that may never be answered. She hasn't even revealed how she manages to be so destructive so quickly and silently even to me!

Now onto the element of mystery destruction.

Mystery destruction is Mum finding strange unidentified remains of an unknown object (this also happens a lot) We have no idea what she has destroyed, where she got it, how she managed it in the three seconds we were not looking ... I think this mystery destruction is the one that drives Mum the most crazy.

If ever there was a walking advertisment for reasons NOT to get a puppy then Millie is the four legged version of it.

So.. is she going back.. has Mum finally got sick of the new grey hairs (the hairs she hasn't pulled out yet that is) ???

Nope!! because despite the absolute hair-tearing/sanity testing/frankly exhausting exploits we all LOVE HER!

She loves her cuddles and kisses (though she really needs to learn that leaping on Mum at 4.40 am and then sitting on her and licking her face isn't the greatest of ideas.. there are times to be loving and times to let the exhausted old dear sleep!!)
She has the most adorable face (which is fortunate because no-one can stay mad with her when she is bratish and lets face it thats 99% of the time)
She is gentle as a lamb (as long as you are a living creature.. any objects are just asking to be destroyed) and greets everyone like they are her best friend in the whole world.
She is comical and makes us all laugh

Mum says puppys are all about patience and training and that eventually Millie will learn doggy etiquette, but for now her puppyness should be embraced and considered as something we will all look back on and laugh about.. (yeah yeah Mum - I believe you but are you trying to convince me or yourself??)

I'm just wondering what colour rinse to buy Mum for her hair.. that grey really isn't a good look!

Tomorrow I will post some pics of destruction.. AND I will post pics of me opening TWO parcels that arrived for me this week! (Mum needs to get them all off the camera.. she forgot.. but I forgave her since she is a little traumatised today!)

and PeeeS.. I know it's April 1st but I promise you none of the above is an April Fools.. She really is that bratish!!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Tired Feet

Well what an awesome weekend I had!!

I was given a reprieve from watching over the fuzzbrat and was able to take up Petey's invitation to a weekend of romance and dancing.

Look how beWOOtiful my girl Khyra looked!! and let me tell you .. that girl can dance!! Not only is she beaWOOtiful and a wonderful dancer but she is very understanding too.. she didn't even blink when I took Kira and Sophie (amongst others) for a spin around the dancefloor! - I just hope my buddy Joe is as understanding! (Beets and Carrots Sophie!!)

I had an absolutely wonderful time! and I'm happy to report that the fuzzbrat didn't seem to have got into any mischief whilst I was gone! (Well unless you count stealing cookies and chewing up sponges - but in my opinion that should be applauded!) Mum has stopped calling her the Fuzzbrat though and now refers to her as "Stealth Puppy" so goodness knows what went on that no-one is telling me about!

Although my feet were pretty tired from all the dancing I was happy to accompany Mum, Dad and the beans to the woods for the "wear out the puppy" session. Chasing a trial bike around the woods seemed to do the trick and she was out like a light within minutes when we got back..

all in all a very pleasant weekend.

Here are me and Khyra (so beaWOOtiful...sigh) dancing up a storm. Am I the luckiest dog on the planet or what???

Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday Photo Finish

I've decided to round off the week with some photo's .. despite all the puppy madness Mum has still found time to wave the flashy box around a fair bit so I thought I would choose a few to share with you. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I will be spending mine trying to wear out the fuzzbrat so I can get some well earned naps!!

Sharing the puppy prison (well no good big brother would let his little sister serve out the sentence alone!)

Watching TV - I love the Paul O'Grady Show, Olga is my favourite TV Star. Millie doesn't share my passion for TV (She is usually too busy looking for something to chew!!)

Cuddles with Dad

Big Brothers Watching You!

The Fuzzbrat Sleeps! (Hallelujah!)

Woof Factor

**The competition is now open and will close on 29th March 2009 at 9pm**

Older rescue-dogs charity Oldies Club is celebrating older dogs by holding a fundraising photo competition especially for dogs aged seven and over and there is only two days left to enter your dog’s picture! co-founder vet Marc Abraham is one of the judges, alongside fellow dog-lovers Brian Blessed and Victoria Stilwell!

The winning pooch will get to represent Oldies Club for the following year. The only rule for this competition is that dogs entering need to be veterans, they do not necessarily need to be rescue dogs.

Oldies Club is a lovely charity that rescues and re-homes older dogs via a network of foster homes and works with other rescue centres to publicise the plight of their older dogs too.

Oldies Club has divided the UK up into 7 regions (North East, North West, South East, South West, Midlands, Scotland and Wales). The winner of each region will go forward to the Grand Final.

As well as becoming the face of Oldies Club for 2009/10 the winner will also win a dog bed worth up to £50 kindly donated by Kudos Pet Products and a signed copy of Pet Photography Now! by Paul Walker of Paws Pet Photography.

For information on how to enter your dog for the ‘Woof Factor’ here

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Counter Surfing and Shoes

Hi everypup,

Mum is still "busy" so sorry I'm a day late with the tale of Millie's counter surfing. Mum says when I tell you all what Millie has been up to you may understand why she is so "busy" (I say it's still no excuse but thats just me!)

Before I spill the beans on little sissys crimes just a quick note to say all the red snooter pics are now up on the Dughallmor Beagles blog and you can vote for your favourite, there are some awesome pics!

So on Tuesday the eldest Bean Mollie had a cookery lesson at school and came home with a delicious looking pizza all ready to be popped in the oven.
Mum had already made dinner so she popped the pizza on the counter and said she would cook it for supper. The pizza was on a foil covered plate and wrapped in cling film (saran wrap) and she placed it at the very back of the kitchen counter so in her two legged mind (she really needs to start thinking like a dog) she thought it was safe.

Everyone sat down to dinner and then Dad heard some suspicious rustling in the dining room and went to investigate. He found a neat pile of cling film and a foil covered plate... minus one uncooked pizza... and one little fuzzball Millie with incriminating strands of cheese all around her chops. She hadn't even made a tear in the foil or the cling film (how she managed this is beyond even me) boy did she get a telling off!! More so because Mollie had made the pizza and Mum felt really bad that she put all that effort in and didn't even get to eat it!

You would think that she would have learned her lesson .. she really had her ear chewed off about it.. but nooooooooo

next morning the beans brought their breakfast dishes into the kitchen and put them on the counter while Mum was out enjoying the wonderful task of poopie scooping. Mum came back into the kitchen just in time to find Millie with her head in the second bowl (having already demolished the first) feasting on the cereal (chops covered in milk this time - she really must learn to clean off the evidence!!) Mum had barely had time to register the scene in front of her when ear busting screams resounded from the living room.

There was then a comical moment with Mum attempting to reprimand one guilty looking pup, wash her hands and scramble to see what all the commotion was about at the other side of the house. I tried not to laugh.. really I did!

On reaching the source of the screaming Mum discovered a very upset Lilli holding one of her favourite pink shoes - well technically it was no longer a shoe more like a pile of shredded pink leather barely clinging to a teeth addled sole. in the middle of the floor was a pile of yellow foam.. formerly known as one of Mollies flip flops. Yup.. not content with two incidents of counter surfing in as many days Millie had decided to eat a couple of shoes too ... and being the naughty little fuzzball she is instead of eating the same pair she ate two different shoes thus wrecking two pairs in one swoop. At this point Mum had to confess to Lilli that the fuzzball had also eaten one of her High School Musical shoes the day before!! after pizzagate too!!

uh-oh at this point I decided a hasty retreat from the volcanic explosion about to occur was a good idea so I did what any intelligent dog does in these circumstanses and took refuge in Millies crate - a self imposed prison sentence seemed like the best plan!

slight break from the story here to report that Mum just had to momentarily stop typing for me as she needed to go out in the garden and retrieve one of Mollies slippers from the brats jaws. She was quick enough to save it from total destruction but it's minus its beading now!!

So anyway.. Millie had yet another firm telling off (not that it worked obviously) The shoes were moved to yet another secret location and secured (clearly that didn't work either) and Mum had to promise Lilli that she would buy her some more pink shoes and some more HSM shoes so that peace could be restored. Lilli told Millie that she wasn't her friend anymore (that lasted all of 5 seconds) and Mum did one of her weary sighs. Yup that brat is sure keeping Mum busy but in a strange way (and don't tell Mum I said this) I'm quite impressed!

Sorry for the lack of photographic content, there was nothing left of the pizza to photograph and Mum didn't figure that photographing the mauled shoes was a good idea as Lilli may be even more traumatised then!

So.. Millie has well and truly arrived and Mum is being treated to the whole *puppy* experience in all it's glory! These next few months are gonna be fun.. I'm off to count Mum's grey hairs now!!

Ben xxxx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Red Snooters and Uh-Oh Trouble!!!

Finally I get to post!!! She who never remains nameless (aka useless secretary) has once again been "busy". I prefer to say she has not been managing her time adequatley and has most definatley not been doing her tasks in order of priority (If she had then the blog would ALWAYS come first!!)
Well I finally nudged her hard enough to get her to collect my parcel from the post office..and to let me post.. and hopefully I will get caught up with visiting you all too.. honestly I know I keep saying this but a monkey would be a better secretary!

anyhoo.. my parcel.. what can it be???

It's my Red Snooter Parcel from the Dughallmor Beagles!! My beaWOOtiful girl Khyra requested that they send it over to me rather than over the big pond (and I think she secretly wanted to see me wearing a red snooter!!)

ooohh and treats too!! Back off little sis!! It's MY name on the envelope!!

THANK YOU - what a great parcel!!

Now first things first.. eat the treatables of course!! and in the spirit of generosity I will share them with Millie!

and now to model the red snooter.. considering the size of my snooter in ratio to the size of the red snooter and the fact that the fuzzball wanted to be involved some improvisation was required.. thankfully I didn't need to rely on the useless one for this bit or we would all have been waiting for several years! So thank you Dad for stepping in and doing what was required!

without further ado... i give you...


Millie is in big trouble today.. a counter surfing incident that would make any Husky proud (I think she is actually part Husky as she counter surfs like a pro and actually Woo's!!) I'll tell you the full story tomorrow.. when hopefully she has been forgiven!!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxxx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Little Sister is EXHAUSTING ME!!!

Wow, having a little sister is tiring business, she is a non-stop furball of energy!
This morning Dad took us both to the field and the lake (no photos as he had his hands full with us) and then this afternoon Mum, Dad and the Beans took us to the woods.. Mum had charged up her other camera so we were able to get some shots of our walk.

Back to the car.. we were both pretty pooped at this point..Millie was truly filthy, honestly the girl is an absolute mud magnet! The photo's don't do the filthiness justice.. she was plastered in stinky mud!

Then home.. after a little de-mudding I allowed Millie on MY couch..

So far so good. We have behaved very nicely with each other despite the fact she would steal my food out of my mouth given half a chance (Mum says we need to work on her food manners) I have shared my toys, even allowed her to sniff around in my beloved bed and the biggest test of all.. allowed her on MY couch! I'm sharing Mum, Dad and the beans nicely too.. although Mum says I am suddenly giving her more kisses than usual and claims I am jealous.. pah! rubbish.. I'm not jealous at all!!

I'm VERY happy with my new sister and would like to thank my angels at Pawz For Thought for not only rescuing me and giving me a whole new life and future but for the wonderful gift of a beautiful sister too! All the Pawz Angels work so hard, are so committed to the rescue and welfare of the animals they take in and do it all out of the kindness of their hearts, no wages or benefits!
They are truly special people and I hope they realise jut how much their hard work, dedication and friendship means to us. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

The furball of endless energy seems to be taking a nap (thank doG!) so I shall take this opportunity to grab 40 winks before the insanity starts again! Sorry we haven't done much visiting this week, we will get round to you all very soon .. once me and Mum have recharged our batteries!!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx (and puppy kisses from Millie xxx)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Secrets Revealed

Hello everypup,

Well I can finally reveal why we have been busy this last week and where our mystery destination was today!

We went for a very long road trip but it was soooo worth it!

First we went to Uncle Kevin's house and met Cara and Jet and their foster sister Millie and then we went to the beach and met up with Bobby, Pip and Evo and Sasha, Taylor, Jasper, Whiskey and crew and of course Uncle John, Auntie Brenda, Uncle Bri and Auntie Liz.

I met loads of other dogs too! Here we all are at the beach

Ok.. I have kept you all in suspense for quite long enough.. at then end of our pawty on the beach we all went for a little celebratory drink in the pub... why? Well because Millie and I decided that we quite liked each other and it would be a lot of fun if she came home with us.. so yes! I now have a beautiful sister .. who is curled up next to me asleep as I type.. unfortunatley there are no photos of this because at the beach I pushed Mum over into the sand and broke the camera!! oops!
Mum will charge up the batteries on the big camera tonight and we promise you LOTS of photos tomorrow.. the best thing about having a sister so far??

We can take turns in distracting the two leggeds so some serious counter surfing can take place!!