Thursday, 2 October 2008

Results for Competition Three-O and a new Competition


Hi all,

Well FINALLY we have the results for competition Numero Three-O AND the new competition.

Dont forget you can still enter Competition Numero Four-O till Midnight GMT too.

Now as most of you who have known me for sometime will know, I'm not the best rule keeper in the world, so as a one off for Competition Three-0 I threw the rule book out of the window. The answers amused me so much that even those who didn't even try to answer got entered, and even a few who sneaked in after the competition closed. In fact.. in honour of WHAT RULES?? DAY (as I have declared today to be) then anyone who commented on the post up to the time we drew it .. is in the hat!

Congratulations to our lucky winner.. and you have won a snazzy Nowzad Supporter Bandana!!

and since there are two of you, we will further break the rules by sending two!! Please e-mail me your postal address so I can get them in the post to you.

Now onto Competition Numero Five-O

What is the name of the author of the book due for release February 2009 which will tell the Nowzad Story? (CLUE)

answers in comments please and this competition will close at 7PM GMT Friday when we announce the results for Competition Numero Four-0 (which you can still enter till Midnight GMT)

Thank you for all continuing to support my fundraising efforts, it is very much appreciated.

Ben xxx


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

One Doofus at a Time

I mean ONE DOG at a TIME
Saving the Strays of Helmand

Khongrats to my khute friends from the desert!

PeeEssWoo: I sooooo love a pup who doesn't play by the rules!

Deetz said...

With my mum being so busy at work, she has had no time to help me come and see you. I had no idea how far behind I was. I am so far behind, that I don't even know what a nowzad is? I sure did miss seeing your face and wishing we could play together. Thank you for your nominations.

Sophie Brador said...

Listen to those adorable accents! I think I ever heard my name. I definitely heard Joey's name. I might just have to enter another competition. Especially if you keep have no rules. tee hee! But we have to get your a togue with a Canadian maple leaf on it to pick the names from. That's clearly why I didn't win.


Lacy said...

w00f's ben, congrats to joey and tanner, and the name of the author is Pen..

b safe,

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Congrats to the winners. We enjoy these videos.

One Dog at a Time is the name of the bood. We look forward to your book review later.

We hope the fundraiser is going well.

Lorenza said...

Pen Farthey?
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...


I mean, WE won!! wooo!! We love your girls accents!! :)

Thanks guys!!!

Achilles Wong said...

He is Mr. Pen Farthing, and he is one cool marine dude for helping out those dogs.

We hope you'll be able to help all of them Ben. We hope to get updates, too!

drooly kisses,


Noah the Airedale said...

G'day matie,
Pen Farthing wrote the book.

A big congrats to Joey & Tanner!!


The Girl said...

Ben, we're finally back and catching up on everything. We're reading the entries we missed backward (don't ask my why The Girl is doing it this way, I tried to tell her), so we'll probably sound a little disjointed. So happy to hear that you've raised so much!

Brown dog kisses,

Shadie the Aussie said...

My ma finally got your button for the Nowzad dog's on meh blog! I try to keep her on top of things, but sometimes she doesn't listen, she'll need more training I suspect.

The name of the author is Pen Farthing! And ma and I will be buying that book, so make sure you let us know when it comes out!

Tail Wags,

T-man Angel said...

Congrats Joey & Tanner!!! Aren't these contests fun?? I'm sure your beans are enjoying this too, Ben :)

T-man Angel

Snowball said...

Congratulations, Joey and Tanner.

The answer for the latest competition.: The author is Pen Farthing.

I am looking forward to your review on the book.


Huskee and Hershey said...

Could it be Mr Farthing? I love your WHAT RULES??? Day...
Have a great weekend!

Simba said...

So sorry Ben , I was going to let you know at the beginning of the week and I completely forgot. The song is Beautiful and it is sung by Tony Phillips.

Simba xx

pughy said...

Good morning Ben and the answer is Pen.

Keep up the good work

Love GJ xxxx

FleasGang said...

Hope I'm not too late, but the author is Pen or as you like the call him "the Hero Marine" :-)


JB's Big World said...

My mom just quit her job and got a new job, so I am having trouble keeping up on your blog and everyone else's! What fun competitions!
Pee Ess: I like to play with sun rays too.....look at this post:

Rambo said...

I am still in DC for Gucci's party and still feeling kinda hungoverish. (my stomachs not so good either, too much squirrel pinata)We're still trying to bail Toby out of the slammer, so when
I get home I will try and play the games!

Fenway said...

Good to hear from you, Ben. Sadly, I missed every competition 'cause my poor Ms. Alpha has been laid up on her sickbed. She couldn't even type out my blog for me for a whole week! We will have to study up on this Nowzad!

Anyway, I want you to be my defense lawyer and campaign manager. You make a STRONG case and present tight arguments about my counter surfing innocence!

Your pal,

Shadow / Molly said...

Hai I is Jake! I has to let mom get me my own blog but fer now I share wif the kittys! I hope yoo stop by!


::springs in my feet::

::springs in my feet::

I is Jake!

Daisy Dog said...

Ben your momma has been very busy raising money and awareness of those Nowzad dogs! YEA!

Moco said...

Pen Farthing.
Congrats to Joey and Tanner. They are going to look super cool in those bandanas. Thos girls sure do a good job.

The Army of Four said...

The author's name is Pen (The Hero Marine!) Farthing. Woo.
PS: Please tell your mom "Woo" for me.

Georgeous said...

wow Ben, you and your mumma are real busy with competitions - I wish I hadn't missed out on the opportunity to win a bandanna?

You were real busy before that too - shopping for barkday! Guess what, Meany picked up my parcel today!
Thank you so much Ben (& Hoomans)
I am very grateful of your generosity and love'd everything. Meany actually said I can have the lot (but not all the snackies in one day)
Thanks bro - love ya!


Woof Ben,

So our Desert neighbors Joey and Tanner won? That's just pawsome. They live up the road a little bit. We're gonna have to stop by to congratulate them.

Desert Pups
Gucci busted Toby out of prison and now he's hiding somewhere in DC