Saturday, 11 October 2008

7 x 7

Lady Kaos has tagged me to do this, so here goes!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Get a fur brother or sister (hint hint Mum!)
2. Get my own couch that no-one minds me drooling/shedding/tending to my privates on
3. Taste chocolate and see if it tastes as good as it smells!
4. Ban school and work so all the two leggeds get to stay at home with me everyday
5. Get my own lake
6. Travel the world and visit all my friends
7. Marry a certain fluffy tailed beauty and have hundreds of beautiful fur kids (which may prove difficult since the vet stripped me of some necessary parts!)

7 Things I Do Now

1. Poop all over the garden as soon as i get back from a long walk
2. Spend 70% of the day napping
3. Follow Mum around as if there is an umbilical cord attaching us
4. Attack Dad as if he has been gone for three weeks everytime he comes home (yes even if he has only been gone for 5 minutes)
5. Lay on the newspaper when Mum is trying to read it
6. Get in bed with the beans and snuggle them back to sleep when I am supposed to be waking them up
7. Dream about marrying a certain fluffy tailed beauty

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Type (its the lack of thumbs!)
2. Drive (but its still MY Landrover)
3. Eat Chocolate (grrrr Mum)
4. Go 2 hours without a nap.. really.. why would I?
5. Be graceful (I'm big and clumsy and strangely proud of it!)
6. Go to school with the beans (apparently no dogs are allowed.. what kind of place is that!!??)
7. Get a fluffy tailed beauty out of my mind!!

7 Things That Atract Me to The Opposite Sex

1. Fluffy Tail!!! (bet you didn't know that was coming!!)
2. Gorgeous Smile
3. Rebel Qualities
4. Kind Heart
5. Beautiful Eyes
6. Beautiful Soul
7. Nice fluffy belly to rub

7 Things I say Most Often

1. Its Nap Time
2. do I have to get up?
3. you want me to get off the couch??
4. yeah, yeah, yeah..I'm shedding.. did you not notice i am a D_O_G!!
5. Its Mine!!
6. I drooled on it, can i have it now?
7. i like to poop in MY garden.. ok!

7 Celebrities That I Admire

1. Nowzad and Tali
2. Jim Morrison (he sang great songs and Mum says that when he was alive he was a rebel just like me!!)
3. Will Smith - because he is cool and has 4 rottweilers too!
4. Whoever Invented Rope Frisbees
5. Good Dog Carl
6. Snot (the rottie that starred in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)
7. Joss Stone who has a beautiful voice and who has a rottie caled Missy and a poodle called Dusty!

7 Who Get to do this now
1. anyone
2. who
3. didn't
4. yet
5. and
6. would
7. like to

and a quick update on Ratchet. If you didn't already sign the petition to try and save this little fella you can do so HERE


Mack said...

Those were great answers Ben!!

I think I know who you have a crush on.......

Snowball said...

Ben, When are you going to propose to the certain fluffy tailed beauty? I can't wait to attend your wedding!!!

I dun understand why would you want to attack you dad? Are trying to be the alpha Male at home?


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

It was nice to read your answers Ben. Some of them made our person smile as they were things we do too. :-))

Holly & Zac

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Yes - I think I know too!

(as if I didn't already!)

Fear not handsome, I'm missing 'those' parts too!


Thor said...

That is a fun tag 7x7. Great answers, Ben!
Have a nice weekend!

Love and licks

Gucci said...

Ben and Khyra sittin in a tree...hehehe. ;]

We should start a missing parts club or somethin'. Alsooo...I'm glad to know I'm not the only pup who naps 70+% of the days away. I looooooove my naps soso much.

Hope you're all un-overhung 'n stuffs.


Abby said...

Hi, Ben...

Wow...You've been busy...& my Mom hasn't been keeping up with everyone very well...

Anyway...I went & voted & signed the petition...You are into sooo many things...You must really keep your Mom busy...I bet she wishes you had thumbs so you could type...

Oh...& who's the fluffy tailed beauty you are sooo interested in?

Abby xxxooo

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Thanks for tagging us. It's so much to think about and I'm still a little sleepy so I'll try to do this later today.

Princess Eva

P.S. Rachet's mom's parents live about 20 miles from us

Rambo said...

Ben, we loved your "7" lists! We want to taste chocolate too. G-Mom eats it all the time and won't share....something about it not being good for dogs. Nonsense!
Ram & MM

The Animal Doctor said...

hi ben,
this meme game is a nice way of getting other people to know you better. we learned exciting facts about you today hehe.

thanks for posting about the nowzad dogs, and now ratchet. the article written by ratchet's keeper is soo touching.

take care :)

- The Secretary

The Girl said...

Ooh, great 7x7, Ben! We especially liked the 7 things to do before you die! And we wish we would have thought of Nowzad when we did ours!

Brown dog kisses,