Friday, 4 April 2008

Windows, The Easter Bunny, Motorbikes,Mayhem, The Aftermath and more!!

Oh my goodness, I've been away FOREVER!! Where do I start?? Well I guess the beginning would be a good place!


Shortly after my last post Dad's computer died on us.. it shut itself down and went on strike. No matter how many times Mum and Dad tried to encourage it to fire up.. it just refused. After a few days of no computer Mum decided to get out her laptop. Apparently she packed it away when some work was being done on the house last year and has never bothered to unpack it. Hurrah... back to blogging!!

or not as the case was..

Mum's laptop had some kind of hissy fit after being packed away so long.. so it kind of worked and kind of didn't.. to cut out all the boring and technical stuff.. in order to get internet access she had to reload Windows.. now at this point I thought she was losing her mind.. Windows?? On a laptop?? and who is this Bill Gates who seemed to be on the receiving end of many an expletive from her usually polite mouth?

I gathered at this point that blogging may be on hold for a while and wandered off to sleep/play/eat/shed hair/annoy the fish.
Dad was getting ready for a weekend away camping/fishing/trial biking with pals and Mum was getting ready for Easter shenanigans with the beans so repairing the laptop and/or PC seemed to be the last thing on their mind. Almost Easter though.. wonder what the bunny will bring?

The Easter Bunny... Motorbikes and Mayhem

So Dad went away the Friday Morning at some ungodly hour in the morning. Mum, me and the skin kids spent the day playing games and watching movies.. the weather was awful. Cold, wet, windy so we had several short walks instead of any lengthy ones. Dad rang to say he had arrived safely and claimed the weather wasn't so bad.
Saturday was much the same. Awful weather, so we went to visit Grandma and Grandad for a little while, then home and the kids made me some treats.. Peanut Butter Pup Pops Yummy!!

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Mum called Dad at lunchtime to see how the weather was and... uh oh... Mum suddenly didn't seem happy at all!! She sounded a litle panicky and scurried away with the phone.. I followed to make sure she was ok. Turns out that Dad and his friend Peter had got into an accident on Peter's motorbike the night before and Peter was in the hospital. Dad had a lucky escape, cuts and bruises to his arms and legs and a bashed up elbow.. but Peter had a head inury, a badly cut face and had shattered his knee and detached all the tendons... OUCH!!! He was having an operation that day and Dad was heading back to the hospital to see how he was.
Mum was completely freaked out! I tried to calm her down with a nice game of tug.. but failed miserably. Dad said he wouldn't be coming home until Peter could get out of the hospital.. which Mum understood, but I think she just wanted Dad home.

Sunday morning we had an egg hunt.. well a toy hunt in my case. The kids got lots
of eggs, toys, money etc and i got some treats and loads of new stuff! A huge lobster toy, A huge crab toy, a monkey, a frisbee and a big rope. The Easter Bunny brought the kids a DVD all about training your dog and cooking for your dog.. it came with a cute toy for me and a book full of recipes for yummy things that the kids can make me... gotta love that Easter Bunny dude!!

Dad called to say Peter was being released from hospital so he could get further treatment closer to home, so Dad was coming home.. YAY!! Oh and did i mention we woke up to SNOW!!! and lots of it!! I loved it.. I ran around like a lunatic trying to catch snowflakes in my mouth.. Mum was too distracted to take any photos.. so feel free to give her a telling off for that one!!

The Aftermath

So the upshot is that since Dads return.. they have been slightly distracted and busy with injured friends, ill relatives, little beans return to school (Lilli has started full time school!!) and various other stuff and so they only just got the Laptop back to full working order.. so now I have lots of catching up on everyones posts.. lots more to tell you.. and..and...sore paws from this post.

If you stayed awake to the end of this... well done!!

It's good to be back!!

Ben xxxx


lebdale said...

hi Ben Im glad your back on line missed your newz sorry to hear about your dad and his friend can fully understand about that my other half motorbikes and has had quite a few incidents and accidents the doggy treat book sounds like a good idea will pass that one on to relevent parties you have really started something with your blog two of our other dogs now have blogs when your mum catches up perhaps she can check them out for you .

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ben!
Glad to know everything is ok! I feel so sorry for your dad's friend. Sure I hope he is doing well now. And glad your dad was not injured! I guess it was a scary episode!
Those peanut butter treats look delicious!
Kisses and hugs

Scooby & Charlie said...

hi Ben

this is little old charlie and not scooby, glad to here ever one is foing good. Wow them treats look good Wish my mom give me some of them well got to run now talk to u latter

your little friend

The Zoo Crew said...

phew......that's a lot going on! glad you're back :)

the zoo crew

Maggie & Mitch said...

We've missed you, Ben! You sure have had a lot happen in such a short period of time! Thank goodness that your dad wasn't injured in his motor bike accident! We're sending lots of AireZen for his friend, Peter!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Thor said...

I´m glad you´re back, Ben! Sorry to hear about dad´s friend. I hope he´s better now! Glad your dad wasn't injured!


Mack said...

Mom was awful worried about you! If she'd known about your dad and Peter, she would have been more worried!! We are all glad everyone is going to be okay.

Sounds like you made out like a bandit on Easter though!!

cool hand Luke said...

Hi Ben, I have been following your adventures I hope you can remember me, we were in kennels together, Im in a nice foster home now and feel quite at home, but would love my own family like you.
Hope your dads friend gets well soon, love from Luke and foster mum Linda x

Pippa said...

Wondered what had happened to you. Not that I have posted much either. :(

Glad your dad is ok and sending some good healing thoughts over to Peter.


happy said...

Oh boy, that's a lot of going on. Glad that your dad is fine. Hope his friend is recovering well too. Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

Hope your computer will be running soon.

Ooh the peanut butter pup pops look real yummy!

BenTheRotti said...

Cool Hand Luke!!

Of course I remember you Buddy, Mum and Dad took you for a walk when they picked me up, and you gave the little beans lots of love and affection. So, so glad to hear you have a foster home now and keeping my paws firmly crossed that you find a loving home soon.. you truly deserve it. Mum, Dad and the beans send lots of love and kisses to you.

Ben xxx

Lady Kaos said...

Wow, I was wondering what was going on with you. The Easter Bunny was totally your friend this year! Disguising even more gifts for in as gifts for the kids - that was pretty smart, that way they don't get jealous you got more than they did. hehe
Glad to hear your Dad and his friend are okay.

The Zoo Crew said...

Glad you are back!!! Even though you do have sore paws ;)


Johann The Dog said...

Wowser - you guys went through a lot! So glad all is back to normal now. Whew! But to important things - what is in those peanut butter pops and how do you make them?

Woofs, Johann

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BenTheRotti said...

Sky High.. I'm a dog but even i found your comment in bad taste considering what the post you commented on contained!!

Attempting to drum up a little business??

hmmmm i don't think so!